Aile Episode 27 With English Subtitle

How many times did the rain come back from the dead, so that her father could see her for once, and even the man she loved did not stand behind her. Devin first had to pick up a gun, lost her baby, and thought she couldn’t be a mother for months. The man she loves has come face to face with death, and just when she thinks that the universe has given her a gift for the second time, maybe she will have to say goodbye to her baby, whom she cannot hold in her arms, kiss or smell once again. And all this is neither his fault nor his wife’s. They were just a couple who wanted to be happy in a tiny family restaurant with their nuclear family. I don’t even want to think about the state of mind Devin would be in if he lost his baby.


I think that women are the people who are the most cruel in this life. Sometimes she is killed on the grounds of honor, sometimes she is forced to marry. They can be deprived of their right to study and even freedom, they are subjected to violence, harassment, rape and they suffer again. Mirage was just one of the millions of women who had to live with this abomination inflicted on her for sixteen years,

who were forcibly silenced, who had no courage from anyone around her to speak out. Her silence is her hell, and Hülya Soykan, who caused this silence, has been her fiend all these years. While Serap and millions of helpless women like her are losing their lives because of this, I think that those who remain silent about their situation are just as guilty as the one who committed this abomination against them. That’s why, even though Aslan and Devin have forgiven Hülya, unfortunately he still doesn’t seem sincere to me.

Yusuf, İbrahim and Hülya Soykan are the murderers of not only Serap and Cihan, her family, but also their own grandchildren. Their bloody hands caused even the most innocent to become dirty, to disappear before they even opened their eyes. İbrahim and Yusuf Soykan gave themselves their punishment with their own hands, and for some reason, I have been thinking from the beginning that Hülya will end up like them. Let’s see how Hülya will pay for her actions. Now you can say to me, but Hülya regretted it, she wants to get better, shouldn’t we give her a chance? I understand you, but don’t you think Hulya has already exhausted her credits?


Perhaps, if Hülya had tried to find another solution instead of covering her up, she would not have been a psychologically healthy woman alive today and her children crushed by the burden left by Yusuf Soykan. But the truth is that the choice Hülya makes harms her children not only psychologically but also physically.


Okay, I admit, maybe Hülya really acted with her children in mind, but let me tell you a secret, I don’t find it sincere at all. In my opinion, just as Hülya wanted her family name not to be tarnished and the power in her hands not to disappear today, she acted in the same way that day. If he had the children he was thinking of, he could not remain silent like this to someone else’s child. All this time, he would not even inflict so much pain on his children. Cihan was a child raised by him and today he is burning in hellfire because of him.


Oh Cihan, oh, when he wanted to live the most, he slipped away in his hands, his dearest in his hands. The remorse of not being able to hold him, the heavy burden of not being able to understand, and the fact that he has no reason to live make him unable to breathe. He believes that only when he reunites with the woman he loves will he find peace.

From the beginning, I respected Cihan’s mercy, his love for his family despite everything, and his compassion for Aslan. Frankly, Cihan was a completely different person for me; He is a very good man who looks bad, his soul is split in two, one side wants revenge, the other is someone who has accepted to be bad and to be known as bad so that his brothers and sisters will not be harmed.

The lack of love he experiences is so heavy that even someone smiling at him is very valuable to him. In my opinion, Cihan is one of the most innocent people in this story, I hope he will be very, very happy at the end. Of course, if the curse of Soykan allows.


Leo and Devin, who all they want is a simple life, are now in the middle of a brand new nightmare. Devin has been shot, maybe they will lose their baby forever. If such a thing happens, no one will be able to restrain Leo after this hour. I’m extremely curious about what’s going to happen.
So see you again next week from me to this week.

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