Yali Capkini Episode 40 with English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 40 with English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 40 with English Subtitles I am here talking about his work, and his artistic and acting abilities. I have no right to talk about his personal life or interfere with it. 

I see him here Ferit who loves his wife Seyran and is eager to meet her after his struggle with death and his sacrifice of himself for her.

It is not normal how Mert is saturated with the personality of Ferit with all his cells, even a long months vacation could not affect the Reincarnation of the character. 

This boy is a criminal, not normal 

The injury to Ferit will allow him to live with challenging psychological conditions that could cause his psychological disease to explode rapidly. This is one of the most significant reasons of the inferiority complex, such as what is indicated in the three, physical or pathological deficiencies.

It will reaffirm his lack of confidence, sense of inferiority, and helplessness in a crucial area of his body, making it impossible for him to go about his everyday activities regularly.

Some physical flaws or organic illnesses, such as Ferit’s diabetes (assumed to have developed in childhood), his ongoing need for medication and hospitalisation, and the need to follow dietary regulations, prevent him from leading a typical life and make him feel different and less than others.

Yali Capkini Episode 38 English Subtitles

Ferit frequently resisted telling his parents when his illness worsened and he experienced high or low blood sugar-related fainting.

His attempt to conceal his illness and lying about it are clear manifestations of his sense of inferiority as a result of it.

Stream Episode 38 of Yali Capkini English subtitles.

It starts in maturity and is brought on by a person’s failure to realise his or her aspirations.

His sense of inferiority and failure in all he tries. He continuously holds himself responsible for his feelings, whether they are accurate or not.

He is tremendously impacted by how other people see him and feel about him, especially those who have his best interests at heart.

• Signs of an inferiority complex include:

In order to build his own environment or safety space with people he feels comfortable with, a person with an inferiority complex typically feels uncomfortable with others.

People who only see his positive qualities back him and accept all of his decisions, even if they are regrettable and incorrect.

Concentrate on the shortcomings and errors of others

A person who always feels inadequate lacks a significant amount of knowledge about how to train himself to recognise his favourable traits, develop them, and enhance them.

neither in others.

Blame other people:

Despite having an inferiority complex, the patient frequently and excessively criticises himself (internally), which may also be related to his guilt complex (as in Ferit’s case).

He does, however, have a tendency to (ostensibly) place blame on others for his shortcomings and errors.

How did the last episode turn out?

A person with an inferiority complex experiences extreme anxiety while doing tasks or dealing with problems because he believes he is a failure and cannot accomplish his goals.

This occurs as a result of his self-doubt, sense of inadequacy, and dread of failure.

He therefore seeks confirmation of others’ love, attention, fear of him, and perception of him in return.

In order to seek attention or support from others, this person may occasionally misrepresent their illness or grief. This person typically wants compliments and that sensation of happiness. These individuals are highly perceptive to what others do, think, or say about them in front of them.

This occurs because such judgmental remarks about them serve to strengthen their sense of self-inferiority and their inability to comprehend and handle them.

7. The psychologically based inferiority syndrome “I am bad”

They conceal issues with low self-esteem, exaggeration, fear of rejection, and the loss of those who are nearest to them.

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