Kardeşlerim Episode 79 with English subtitles

Kardeşlerim Episode 79 with English subtitles

The new Kardeşlerim Episode 79 with English subtitles (The Sibling) has been released! In the end episode; While there is serious resentment between Asiye and Ömer, Şengül and Ayla’s meeting at the school meeting brings a surprising rapprochement. What happens in the episode on February 11th?

The 79th episode of the Kardeşlerim television series has a new trailer. My brothers are in the final episode; Omer, who Asiye kicked out of the family, is in a very unhappy and helpless position. This episode stands out for its great cast and plot. Here is the trailer for Kardeşlerim’s 79th new episode, the much-loved television program where the intrigue never wanes.

Kardeşlerim Episode 79

The trailer for the 79th fresh episode of Kardeşlerim’s show enthralled the audience. The latest episode of the popular television series Kardeşlerim, which has been watched with great interest since the first day of its broadcast, continues the ongoing events. Omer is in a terribly miserable and helpless situation after Asiye ejected him from the house. On February 11, 2023, a new episode of the television show “Kardeşlerim,” which made a name for itself on Saturday nights, would debut on ATV.

Kardeşlerim Episode 79 Summary

Mer, who Asiye kicked out of the house, is in a very sad and desperate position while Akif is able to persuade me of what he stated. While Engül, whose hopes were dashed, confronts Gönül, who keeps up his sly behavior, Tolga and Oulcan are also working to come up with a way to stop Zehra from being pushed into marriage. Engül and Orhan are shocked by Ayla’s nasty attempt, but Mer makes a surprising move to answer his questions.

The fact that Süsen starts to hang out with Sarp amazes everyone, especially mer; Asiye and Mer have a major grudge; Engül and Ayla’s encounter at the school meeting results in a surprising reconciliation; Orhan is desperately looking for new work to support himself.

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