Iyilik Episode 18 English Subtitles

Iyilik Episode 18 English Subtitles

The new Iyilik Episode 18 English Subtitles (The Goodness) has been released. Watch the new 18th episode of İyilik,  What happened in the episode new episode on Friday, November 11th? 

Today’s episode of the well-liked Turkish television series “Iyilik” (The Goodness) will air on Fox TV. One wonders if the trailer for the 18th episode was released after the series ended. Has the trailer for the 18th episode of Yilik been released? Is the new episode trailer for Yilik available? What will be in the upcoming Yilik episode? When will the next Yilik episode trailer be available? Here are the specifics:

Iyilik Episode 18

Turkish drama television program Yilik (The Goodness) is hosted by Sera Kutlubey, Hatice Endil, and Ismail Demirci. It is directed by Murat Ztürk. Has the trailer for Yilik’s 18th episode been released? Is the new episode trailer for Yilik available? What happens in the brand-new 18th episode?

Damla ups the danger level and sends a “present” for Nehir and Batu in an effort to keep Neslihan away from Poyraz. Melis bleeds after discovering Murat’s real identity. Ahika phones Koray and informs him that she no longer wants to reside in that place, citing first the present that Damla sent and then what Eda stated. Koray will have one last conversation with Neslihan. Neslihan, Koray, Ahika, and Damla square up in a major confrontation.

How did the last episode turn out?

Poyraz is ultimately given all the information on Damla by Neslihan. Damla is left by Poyraz. Damla finds a way to believe that Neslihan has found Koray despite the fact that Poyraz left her and Neslihan was desperately looking for him. On Koray’s cell phone, he writes to Neslihan to inform him that his mother is ill and that he must travel abroad to care for her for a while. Murat breaks into Damla’s home and claims that he provided the pictures of Koray’s funeral to Damla and that he knows that Damla killed Koray.

Damla must either refund Murat’s money or for Murat to turn over the photos he has to the authorities. Damla discovers a technique to get closer to Melis in an effort to find something wrong with Murat and discovers that Melis is pregnant. Damla accuses Neslihan of ending her relationship with Poyraz, turning Handan against the man. Neslihan is fired from her job and ejected from her house by Handan. Neslihan will experience a major shock in the final.

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