Guzel Gunler

Guzel Gunler Episode 4 English Subtitles

Guzel Gunler Episode 4 English Subtitles

Gunner Guzel – Selma travels from Van to Istanbul to claim her inheritance, believing she has exhausted all other options. Her father’s junk car and her well-to-do brother Leylim are buried beneath. The only requirement for receiving the inheritance is the discovery of the other partner of the inheritance, her old love Mihran. Mihran, who was born on the same day as her and was prophesied to love each other fiercely on their birth day, and who migrated to Istanbul following the fire in which Selma was named the scapegoat. Selma follows Mihran to Istanbul.


“Selma was in the shop, on her way back to Van…”

The ceremony continued after the shock of Selma’s engagement to the guests, but when Kymet became very angry with Selma, Selma abandoned the engagement. Selma, who was sleeping in her car with her sister Leylim, was dealt another setback when her tyres were stolen. Mihran intended to get rid of Selma by selling the inherited house. Füsun, who discovered Selma’s necklace in her aunt Saliha’s bag, was unable to persuade her mother Kymet. Füsun’s unconventional methods for revealing Saliha’s secret astounded everyone. When Selma and Mihran decided to sell the house, they discovered that Uncle Setrak’s sister’s permission was also required.

In the meantime, Atakan found a buyer for the house. Selma met Alya while she was getting help from Altan for her stolen tyres. Selma and Mihran travelled to Büyükada to meet with Uncle Setrak’s sister, Mari, in order to sell the house. Mari requested the necklace that Setrak had given to Selma in exchange for the sale of the house. The plan to sell the house fell through because the necklace was thought to have been misplaced. When Alya learned that Mihran and Selma had travelled to the island together, she began to prepare to greet Mihran and Selma, who had returned from the island with great disappointment.

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