Guzel Gunler

Guzel Gunler Episode 3 English Subtitles

Guzel Gunler Episode 3 English Subtitles

Guzel, Gunner – Selma travels from Van to Istanbul to claim the inheritance left to her after she believes she has exhausted all other options. Her father’s scrap car, as well as her well-to-do brother Leylim, are buried beneath. The discovery of the other partner of the inheritance, her old love Mihran, is the only requirement for receiving the inheritance. Mihran, who was born on the same day as her and was prophesied to love each other fiercely on their birth day, and who migrated to Istanbul after the fire in which Selma was declared the scapegoat. Selma tracks Mihran down in Istanbul.


The third episode of TMC’s TV series “Güzel Günler,” produced by Erol Avc, has been released. TMC’s and Erol Avc’s production has been released. It is a matter of curiosity what will come out of the box that Füsun is after in the promotion where Alya puts out her engagement ring. Kymet notices the little girl when Füsun brings Leylim home. “Will other family members notice that Leylim has returned home?” While thinking about the question, Altan fights to reclaim the money Atakan gave him to pay off his debt. Altan’s injured state is a terrifying scene.

Guzel Gunler Episode 3

Füsun tells her mother that Saliha stole Selma’s necklace in the scene where Selma tries to explain to Mihran that she came to the engagement by chance. Füsun draws attention to the moments when Saliha falls to the ground while searching Saliha’s room for the necklace. While Selma, Mihran, and Leylim’s joyful moments on the island make people smile, a joyful episode awaits the audience.

Osman Taşç directs “Güzel Günler,” which stars Binnur Kaya, Ecem Erkek, Leyla Tanlar, Zeynep amac, Olgun Toker, Burak Dakak, and Yldray ahinler, Seray Gözler, Oya loullar, Orkuncan zan, and Duygu Köse. Selin Tunç wrote the screenplay. Here is Güzel Günler’s third episode trailer and episode summary….

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