Esaret Episode 68 with English subtitles

Esaret Episode 68 with English subtitles

Esaret Episode 68 with English subtitles released on Monday, March 15. Watch Esaret 68th episode trailer and here is the summary on March 15th.¬†“Afife Desires Grandchildren!” Esaret 68th episode trailer has been released! What will happen in the 68th episode of Esaret? The slavery series continues with its new episodes. Esaret¬†will be screened on Wednesday, March 15, with its 68th episode.

In the Bondage series, the balances are shifting. We’ll giggle because Afife liked the aunt and her rapid transformation! The mansion will be surprised by Hira’s aunt. Afife will give Slave Hira’s aunt a passing grade because she comes from a reputable household. Throughout the sequence of imprisonment, the excitement keeps growing. It is time to alter the laws! Afife uses her final weapon against Hira, who is preparing food. On the other side, Orhun displays his mother’s protective nature for Hira and begs her to alter the house rules. Orhun’s remarks drive everyone in the house insane.

Esaret Episode 68 English subtitles

Orhun allegedly intended to convince Hira that he wasn’t a murderer in order to set her free. Orhun claims that now that he has reached Hira’s relatives, his aunt would separate him into good and bad units. Is Orhun trying to buy time or does he not want to lose Hira? Our Family also had a mystery relative who was a man. Due of his current travels, he was unable to meet Hira. We are all interested in this relative, and we all seem to agree that Orhun will be envious for some reason.

Children from Afife Make Their Debuts!

The mansion is entered by Saadet Erolu. Even the housekeeper and Afife did not anticipate such a person. It’s astonishing how confidently Aunt came in. We did not grin, either, when Afife wished us well and her grandchildren! Now, Orhun survived if pressure from the grandchildren came from Afife! We hope that Orhun won’t attempt to leave Hira again after acting with his mother’s obstinacy in the past. Perihan and Eda don’t want things to go smoothly because it would put them in a bad predicament. Eda appears determined to lose her advantage if things go out of hand. These are the Esaret 68th episode’s trailer and plot summary. Read Also Esaret Episode 69 with English subtitles

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