Aile Episode 2 with English subtitles

Aile Episode 2 with English subtitles

The new Aile Episode 2 with English subtitles trailer of Ale (The Family has been released! In the end apisode; Hülya’s job, who has shown many times before that she can do everything to prevent her son from getting away from the family, will not be as easy as before this time. What happen in the episode on March 14th?

The first episode of the eagerly awaited Aile television series on Show TV will air. So what is the Aile series’ central theme? Who are the actors and actresses in Aile drama? Where is the Aile drama produced? When will the second episode of the Aile drama air? Details are provided below.

Show TV will air the Aile (The Family) series, starring Serenay Sarkaya and Kvanç Tatltu, on Tuesday, March 7. The family series’ pilot episode was filmed primarily in Zmir. The plot of the series is a passionate love story. The male lead in the series will be played by Kvanç Tatltu, while Devin will be portrayed by Serenay Sarkaya.

Aile Episode 2 English subtitles

The highly anticipated series is about the changing balances in the family, the unfolding events and the most problematic parts of the concept of ‘family’ when Aslan, who is the head of the wealthy family Soykanlar, meets Devin, a psychotherapist who is injured from the same place.

The “Aile” television series from Ay Yapm, whose original script was written by Hakan Bonomo and directed by Ahmet Katiksz, is about to unite Serenay Sarkaya and Kvanç Tatltu in a passionate love story. In the series, which will address the most contentious facets of the idea of family, Tatltu and Sarkaya are joined by Nejat şler, Canan Ergüder, Ushan akr, Umutcan Ütebay, Yüsra Geyik, Ecem Simge Yurdatapan, and master actors Levent Ülgen, Emel Göksu, and Nur Sürer.

Aslan meets Devin, the psychologist who is hurt in the same place, and the changing balances in the family, the developing events, and the ‘will discuss the most contentious aspects of the ‘family’ concept. The series, in which Kvanç Tatltu will give life to Aslan and Serenay Sarkaya to Devin, will lead the wealthy family Soykanlar.

What happen in the end episode?

The only location where the Soykans are reminded that they are “family” is at the table. Aslan is on the Izmir plane that day, when the table is being prepared for the entire family to gather, to resolve one of his “dark” affairs with his uncle.

On this voyage, Aslan and psychologist Devin cross paths. In order to handle a new situation that his sister has gotten into, Devin is also traveling to Izmir. They obviously come from quite different worlds. They quickly learn that their common “wound” is their families, though. On the first night, Aslan violates a crucial tenet of the Soykan Constitution in favor of Devin.

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