Esaret Episode 1 with English subtitles

Esaret Episode 1 with English subtitles

Esaret¬†Episode 1 with English subtitles released on Monday, November 21. Orhun Takes His Brother’s Revenge! The Slave Girl Brings at Hira’s Home! Esaret series continues with its new episodes. What awaits us in the 1st episode of Bondage? What happened in the last episode of the slavery, what will happen in the new episode of the captivity?

Esaret (Captivity) Episode 1 Summary

We encounter a deeply entrenched family whose lineage is based on the palace in the first episode of Esaret. The Demirhanl family is this one. Its customs and rules will be stringent coming from such a prominent family. Nihan, the family’s matriarch and the powerful Orhun Demirhanl’s twin sister, is killed horribly while on duty in Africa.

The order is given to his son by Afife, the pasha of the house’s grandson. By burying their sorrow in their hearts and vowing that they will not grieve in public like regular people, he sends his son Orhun to the desert countries to exact their vengeance.

Redemption Episode 1 English subtitles

Without showing mercy, Orhun Demirhanl avenges his brother Nihan. In this aspect, Afife is brutal. Orhun is unable to shoot his slave daughter. Hira is this girl. Orhun hears about Hira’s life. Has the slave murdered his sister? Do crimes still occur on Hira? Orhun, who is bringing Hira with him, will remain a slave in his household. Let’s see who ultimately becomes his slave.

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