Cop Adam

Cop Adam Episode 5 with english Subtitles

Cop Adam Episode 5 with english Subtitles

The new Cop Adam Episode 5 with english Subtitles trailer of (The Stickman) has been released. In the end episode; Tamer and Peri both discover each other and test their courage during their time in Ayvalık. What happen in the episode on December 28th?

The final episode of the öp Adam series, which first attracted viewers on Star TV screens, generated enthusiasm. The series’ fourth episode’s trailer has been made public. What will occur in the upcoming episode is as follows… Television networks keep bringing outstanding projects to the new season. The TV show Stickman was introduced on one of these stations, Star TV.


Excitement was generated by the series’ theme, which was inspired from Gülseren Budacolu’s writings. The Stickman TV series, which starred Engin Altan Düzyatan and Elçin Sangu, included Sedef Avc, Füsun Demirel, Salih Kalyon, Elçin Afacan, Ali Yourtçuolu, Hülya en, Cankat Aydos, Büşra am, eyda Terziolu, Gülizar Nisa Uray, Participating actors include Sinan Albayrak.

What happen in the end episode?

Tamer wants to create a joyful surprise by taking all the risks because he has access to hints regarding Peri’s background. Peri awakens from her nap in the cellar in Ayvalk. The mansion is brought together by Berrin, who is upset at Tamer’s abrupt withdrawal. The minor piece of evidence that Tamer missed also reads like a confession of betrayal. When Berrin’s older sister Ahu decides to get a divorce and moves in to the mansion, it is obvious that she will have even more difficult days ahead of her.

Meryem isn’t aware that she was present for their covert encounter because she believes Yavuz to be sincere. During their stay in Ayvalk, Tamer and Peri meet each other and put their courage to the test. They decide to play a game together, but this time there will be neither a winner nor a loser.

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