Yaz Şarkısı Episode 3 With English Subtitles

Yaz Şarkısı Episode 3 With English Subtitles

Yaz Şarkısı Episode 3 With English Subtitles The new 3rd episode trailer of Yaz Şarkısı (The Summer Song) has been released! In the end episode; Murat’s marriage proposal lie that Yaz told his mother Emine involuntarily grows so much that both Yaz and Murat desperately try to maintain this lie in its most realistic form. What happen in the episode on July 23rd?

The summertime productions receive a lot of attention from the crowd. One of the shows that had an impact on this season was Yaz Arks, which quickly grew in popularity. The show, which features Mustafa Mert Koç and Nilsu Berfin Aktaş, debuts a brand-new episode every Sunday. The third episode, which will air on Sunday, July 23, was well received by the viewers.

Yaz Arks, a new romantic comedy on FOX TV, garnered perfect ratings from viewers for both its plot and its performers. The series, which debuts a brand-new episode every Sunday, has just published its much awaited new episode teaser. Here is the trailer and episode summary for Yaz Ark’s third episode.

Yaz Şarkısı Episode 3 English Subtitles

In the final episode of Yaz Ark’s series, Yaz accepts a job without telling the singer Kemal, with whom she is platonically in love. Yaz hopes Kemal falls in love with her with Asli’s assistance. Yaz loses his job after all of his plans go awry while Kemal is getting ready for the song that will make him famous. On the other hand, because she is aware that Yaz works for a bank, her mother Emine has lofty expectations for Yaz.

As he always does, Murat rescues Kemal from this predicament. He is, nevertheless, firmly entrenched in a corner. When Emine notices Murat and Kemal at home, she believes Yaz is enraged. However, Fadime’s attempt to save Yaz from this predicament creates a worse dilemma. Following the blow, Emine starts to think about Murat as her future son-in-law and insists on getting married to Yaz. But all of these things just strengthen the bond between Yaz and Kemal.

How did the last episode turn out?

Murat’s fabricated marriage proposal story, which Yaz unwittingly informed his mother Emine, becomes so convincing that both Yaz and Murat struggle to keep it up. I was let go from the bank, I’m just here temporarily, and Murat makes such a convincing case for it to Emine that she is certain there are two young people in love. He even believes that he recruited Yaz at his business as a result of Murat’s devotion. However, this corporation obviously does not completely rule out the idea of lying and visits the workplace with his future daughter and son-in-law.

Yaz is put in a challenging situation when Kemal, who is trying to persuade the Smile Music boss about a new vocal, comes to the company with Mehmet. Yaz is introduced to Mehmet by Kemal as a fresh vocalist. Although Yaz has rebuffed Kemal’s attempts to sing the song with her, the circumstances are suddenly altered by their chance meeting. Yaz is all of a sudden involved in preparations for a video clip and poster shoot. During this period, Emine is also active and eager to meet her future daughter-in-law since she wants to get married as soon as possible.

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