Yargı (The Judgement) Episode 69 with English Subtitles

Yargı (The Judgement) Episode 69 with English Subtitles

Yargı (The Judgement) Episode 69 with English Subtitles The new 71th episode trailer of Yargı (The Judgement) has been released! In the end episode; Ceylin and Ilgaz’s journey, which will not end only with finding Mercan, has just begun ….. So, what happen in the episode on November 12th?

When will the latest episode of Judgment, which stars Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, air on television? The television series Judge’s 70th episode trailer, which will air on Kanal D, has been made public. Is the 70th episode of Yargā’s trailer available yet? When will Yargı release its next episode? On Sunday, November 12, the 71st episode of the Yargı series will be shown to the public on Kanal D screens.

Yargı (The Judgement) Episode 69  English Subtitles

The teaser for the upcoming episode of Ay Yapım’s television series “Yargı” was made available on Kanal D. On Sunday, Yargı will present its seventieth episode to the public. In the ensemble of Yargı, alongside Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz, Hüseyin Avni Danyal, Uğur Polat, Cezmi Baskin, Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, Kenan Bal, Zeyno Eracar, Uğur Aslan, Arda Anarat, \ükran Ovalı, Muttalip Müjdeci, Merih Ermakastar, Emir Özden, Elif Melda Yılmaz, Pınar Çağlar Gençtürk, Nilgün Türksever, Onur Özaydın, Beren Nur Karadiş, Zeynep Atılgan, and Merve Ateş are included in the cast of Yargı.

In Yargı, the story revolves around the collaboration of a lawyer and a prosecutor on a murder case. Their efforts to identify the culprit will ultimately lead to an irreversible breaking point in their respective lives. Here are the trailer and synopsis for Yargı’s 71st episode.

What takes place in the last episode?

Everyone’s world was enlightened by the discovery of Mercan, but Ceylin and Ilgaz’s was especially so. Ceylin and Ilgaz will have to put in a lot of work to get to know their daughter, comprehend her, and reunite as a family. Yekta, who is becoming more and more entangled in Kadir’s darkness, must make a significant choice. Mercan, though, is going to uncover a distasteful reality about Defne.

Everyone will be shocked by the actions Nil takes in the Filiz and Dilek case and the outcomes. Ceylin will have to put herself through a rigorous test because her child’s absence tests her. Ceylin and Ilgaz have just started their journey, which will not conclude with locating Mercan. Physically and emotionally separating their daughter from Filiz is a very challenging procedure. They must now fight together more than ever in order to protect their daughter.

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