Yali Capkini Episode 66 Confirmed leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 66 Confirmed leaks

Ferit, who was deeply furious and panicked when Seyran was kidnapped, is pursuing all possibilities to find out who did it. When Kazim learned of Seyran’s abduction, he raided Korhan’s home under the pretext that they could not protect his daughter. All these developments cause a great conflict between Halis Aga and Fred.

What Hattuc tells about the past makes Ferit more worried about what might happen to Seyran .
Seyran , who tries to prevent ECE from getting hurt, realizes that Mezide is preparing to do very bad things. When ifakat falls into an inexplicable situation, Gulgun gets the opportunity she has been waiting for years. While a major operation is launched to save Seyran , Ferit and Seyran remain on the fine line between life and death.

Fred will doubt Serter at first but then he will realize that he is innocent but originally later why Akin’s daughter was burned by fire for any revenge.
Hattuc and Halis Korhan in his youth so that he does not like it when he sees this woman deformed by the burns that were caused by prematurity in addition to the many wounds on her body.

And the fire that the years could not extinguish has sown hatred and the idea of revenge entered Akin and caused the death of her brother Okkes because he was the one who was preventing her from taking revenge on Hattuc because he loved her and wanted to marry her even though he knew what she did to his sister so she killed him in order to take revenge.

Now it’s Seyran’s turn, she’ll throw something hot at her to burn her body, she’ll be locked in a quiet room, Fred will go to Akin but he won’t get news about Seyran and eventually they’ll throw Seyran into the woods, Seyran will faint in Fred’s arms.

In this case, Suna will also abandon Fred’s pursuit and obsession with him, she will get angry and hurt for her sister, Kaya will meet and collaborate with Fred for the first time he will be like a real cousin.

Pelin will appear in the series until the end of the season, but due to the reaction of the audience and their lack of love for the character of Pelin, her scenes will be shortened in the episodes.
The end of the season will be painful Seyran will suffer a big shock she will take her to the hospital she will not be able to talk for a long time

Halis after everything they went through, he is still the same delusional and the same arrogant, instead of reflecting on his own actions and what led them there, he was still trying to have the upper hand over the situation, granting Seyran forgiveness she never asked for.

Ferit was expecting Halis apology the whole night, but instead he made it clear that the conflict between him and Seyran persists, he is going to ignore for now for the sake of Hattuc, Ferit and Orhan. No regrets and no remorse, quite the opposite he saw what she did as a way to make up for her mistakes and that’s why he will try to keep the past behind his back, when in reality she sacrificed herself with no expectation in return – but that’s something he can never understand, for he destroyed his own life and everyone’s life because of his selfishness.

The thing is, he was still wearing a mask, lying to Hattuc and to Ferit, both of them were expecting him to fix things with Seyran but even in his happiest day and despite SeyFer being the only one supporting him, he couldn’t put his hatred aside and admit his mistakes, even then he still tried to stand tall in front of a 20 years old girl.

Seyran said nothing is forgotten and they will soon understand.
She didn’t ask anyone for accounts, it was an honest apology she (and Ferit) was expecting, an opportunity to start over, they were still looking for the family.

But now it’s too late for the apology…
She will make them know, and they will all answer for their actions.


The night of Seyran kidnapping all characters were wearing “their colours” swinging between evil and good and in regard to Seyran.

– Ferit in green he has Seyran in heart.
– Esme already in green too she is Seyran’s mother of course she cares.
– Gulgun changes from black and white to full green, her priority is Seyran now.
– Suna from black and white to full black, she cares she is her sister but it’s a momentary wake up call.

It’s just a random thought that crossed my mind I don’t know if I’m making any sense…

I think it’s useless to try to compare Mert acting and Ferit reaction in ep 58 and 66. It’s not like in ep 58 his reaction was merely about her miserable existence, it’s more complicated than that. His performance will definitely serve and the difference will be obvious, not only by the way he looks or how his tears drops, because it’s deeper than that.

In real life people don’t have like a thousand different way to express their shock, but what matters and what make the difference, is the emotions, what one feels in different situations and towards different people. There is no need to explain the difference between what Ferit feels for Seyran and the Sardine.

Stop the pressure and the unnecessary comparisons, you’re giving that person more importance than what she deserves.

I remember ep 29. how I saw in the trailer Halis kidnapping Seyran and locking her up in a room in the Yali and somehow I still convinced myself that no one will lock her up 🙃 I think that same Marwa is now trying to believe that **some parts** of the torture are Hallucinations 🙂 even though I know she will be hurt, and she will end up in a hospital, so why show hallucinations and not the actual thing 🤡
It’s all real 😵‍💫 or not…
God I need Friday NOW!!!

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