Yali Capkini Episode 63 romantic and beautiful leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 63 romantic and beautiful leaks

We fell in love with Halis Aga’s romance and this love will enable them to support the marriage of their grandchildren, while Orhan Gulgun behind Seyran and Ferit will support them too.

As for the snake ifakat , there will be an order from Suna and a surprise from Asuman they will change Assuman’s character a little bit, her hatred will reach its peak will cause some problems, Nevra will come to dinner, ifakat will throw words to Seyran and Seyran will be jealous of Nevra on Ferit .

Ferit will say there is nothing between us Seyran will respond that you were flirting with that clown that day you will shock Ferit because she was working there he will say that they only meet for work he will try to please her.

Kazim will come to the palace to bring Seyran back and she will refuse to return with him and she will say my place next to my husband Ferit Kazim will go crazy from this situation, Zeren will arrive at Pelin while asking for help from Kazim, Pelin will tell her mother that she is very happy with Serter while he will address the situation.

Ferit will be provoked There is news that Serter will try to hurt Ferit but Seyran or Akin will be hurt, there is also an allegation that Akin can cooperate against Ferit .

At the same time, the witch ifakat will realize that she has feelings towards Sehmuz. When Nukhet realizes this, chaos will reign.

A romantic night will bring together Ferit and Seyran , and the signs of the pregnant woman will begin to appear on Seyran , and an unexpected gift for Seyran from Orhan will be the house that you will refuse in the first but in the end you will accept.

Ferit will teach Seyran how to drive as well The car will be a gift from Orhan after the lock we saw in episode 62, which was a rapprochement between Ferit and Seyran .

In the morning after that night Latif will come knocking on the door of Ferit and Seyran’s room,Will they go downstairs?
It’s true that Latif rings the doorbell because he’s back at work, but still, something may have happened during the night.

In episode 63, there will be terrible and powerful scenes, the events of which are very enjoyable, the most important point that must be defined is that events will take the course of events or leaks that we talked about before.

The Kingfisher series at its beginning was slightly inclined to the romantic comedy framework is very light, not the most comedian discusses a social issue in a dramatic family setting, but in a romantic comedic form.

The series will return to comedy scenes between Ferit and Seyran All plans or secrets will begin to be revealed and new topics will open A man ifakat or Abidin Marriage The fate of Suna will appear gradually

For me, I liked the news that Ferit and Seyran will have comedy scenes among them, because frankly, I adore Ferit’s kindness and funny movements, I feel that they give a taste to the episode, not forgetting the scenes of Pilasin Baba Kazim 😂😂😂 Esme

I think the huge amount that we saw in the previous episodes we need a chapter of comedy Ferit and Seyran , in leaks saying that Ferit will wear the wedding ring for Seyran , he will buy new wedding rings.

Ferit and Seyran will go shopping Seyran you will remember the scene of Nevra and the clown Ferit will feel remorse and apologize for her again and again
Nevra’s role is almost over, but she will perform Seyran before she leaves, according to leaks

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