Yali Capkini Episode 62 is Abidin Halis’s grandson?

Yali Capkini Episode 62 is Abidin Halis’s grandson?

First of all the events that we are in are a continuation that was postponed
After Pelin entered and Seyran came out
If you remember Halis’ talk with Latif
And he told him to take care of Ferit this is my will
📌He said in the scene specifically
I lost my first son.
And after him Fuat who did not complete his offspring
But he did not mention this with his son.

He continued that Ferit is the one who will carry his name and nickname for the future
The scene and the talk was during Ferit leaving and going to Abidin specifically
And the camera moves from one scene to another
The first piece was talking about the nickname and name
The second clip is the camera transition from the image of Fuat and Ferit.

The scene of Ferit with ifakat when she told him that the Aga must express the subject of the child
But her words also have a mystery
She said haven’t he lived the same thing before, but she didn’t mean Nukhet ?
Because she said “the grandson remains the grandson” 🤷🏻 ♀️
The whole thing is connected towards Abidin really
ifakat’S hate for him
Halis dealt with him.

If Abidin came out of the Korhan family, I wouldn’t be surprised in the first place
Because Halis didn’t care about any of his children or grandchildren like Ferit .
He keeps them under his watch and under his means
But he treats them like a fun he said it about Fuat and also about Orhan
But Ferit is different.
Because Ferit is stronger than them and rebellious about them, and yet his heart is clean from everyone, he doesn’t betray

The topic of Pelin opened to open Abidin’s door
Nukhet her return brought Pelin and the thing was common to the child
But Ferit breaks the circle.
Then there was in the second generation
Could he have taken it from his mother and put it under his eyes like Nukhet ?
But he differs because he is a male,,
«Can you bear the guilt of a child without his mother» episode 48
Every word has a reason 🔒

I was waiting for Sehmuz to cooperate with Ferit .
After Kazim accident
And I think this is clear in the coming episodes
I need Ferit in the matter of Okkes
I think he’ll be with him when he goes to Kazim .
And he will need it too or help him Sehmuz once again
because Ferit has a right to Sehmuz And it is not far that a counter-parallel happens
When Sehmuz’S men threw Ferit 🤷🏻 ♀️ away.

Seyran is the one who chose Superman 😅😅
I think in each episode where are we going
He will come like a superman and at the right moment
Help everyone✔️
Save everyone✔️
Support everyone✔️
Everyone✔️ is waiting for him.

You don’t need enough power or flying
Courage ✔️
And the heart
which is difficult to✔️ defeat.

Akin’s cooperation with Serter is clear
Because he has the right of his uncle and with him he wants other support
And the enemy of my friend’s enemy as Sehmuz said to Kazim 🤷🏻 ♀️
Kazim will be a party and this is for sure,, Kaya is also possible
Ferit will be facing them alone
If there is a siege he will be alone
And he likes manly 🤌🏻 talk.
The word lan or oh this
She said at the end of episode 32
From Tarik .

Episode 58
Akin said to Seyran
📌📌Don’t take me. I can’t trust someone I see for the first time 😅😅.
The sentence has a meaning, and it has a reason
Also, Seyran asked Akin for help from the first time 🪄.
📌Man is tested in the things that he thinks he understands.

Since Suna is unjust to Kaya, or she is the one who started
So let’s remember that Kaya is suspicious of Suna and Ferit 😅😅😂😂😂.
His words infect me with abnormal 🤌🏻🤌🏻 disgust
I didn’t forget that he put the idea
There is a word that was said a lot to Kaya
What are you alluding🤌🏻 to
Suna said it more than once and Ferit said it more than once
Kaya hints,, stimulates🤷🏻 ♀️😉🤌🏻 .

Suna said to Ferit two sentences that we should think about well
Can she see the love in her eyes to be for someone else 📌?
It happens like this, Ferit , “to love only you.” 📌
I think these are two sentences that express a specific 🤌🏻🤷🏻 ♀️ person
Suna could never love Kaya nor look at him like that.
Suna sees that she just loved and didn’t do my toys🤌🏻.

Suna had a chance in the first part
In front of her was «Fuat » 😀😅
But she didn’t choose her, she chose “a warm home, a father who loves her children.” ♥
She had Evakat in front of her, and the advice she didn’t hear, and she chose ice cream and red thread. 🤌🏻
Suna is always looking for the basis for feelings and the heart and no one else signs it
And our Lord will certainly guide her.

do you know who will wake up Suna
And do you know who is going to change Seyran Meen?
First start and first person
The First Executioner
When they know the whole truth
he’s not changed
And that he threw them into the fire with a comfortable hand
And here no one will be like the previous one.

Kaya Suna’s marriage was because of his mistake which was Suna entering Kaya’s room and kissing him arranging that they get married but the marriage is ruined and here is enough Kaya’s excuse to marry her is over and he will not be blamed for not marrying her because he did what he had to do But Kaya why did he go to Suna and tried to convince her to get married while he was crying and until all his excuses were finished he got the excuse of revenge although Suna will not benefit him in revenge on the contrary she will be a burden on him in this revenge issue just because He convinces Suna Kaya said it was really salvation to have a strong emotional bond towards Suna to the extent that he went to fight with his mother and he talked to Suna and met her and sat down to convince her that he is marrying her and what makes us sure that originally Kaya is the reason for his marriage to Suna not revenge is where revenge is in the first place? Kaya told Suna .

“We wanted to have a baby, but how are we going to have him in this madness, how about we go to London and there we start a new life and there you will be able to become a new person as you wanted.”
Kaya gave up his revenge in the first place from the first time he married Suna because this revenge was from the side of evil but Suna was a catalyst for the side of good so the infidelity of revenge or the side of evil died at Kaya And the side of good all his goal is to build a happy family with Suna But after Suna changed it became a catalyst for the evil side so the idea of revenge came back again But Kaya loved Suna so he has a real conflict between each side and the evil side is weak in front of good because one side Evil was subject to Suna in the first place.

So what made Kaya explode like this? And it’s because of the anger of the side of good and evil with each other Kaya was paralyzing and passing a lot of things to Suna and he excused her a lot until he finally felt himself an idiot and that she was trying to run away from him in any way and this is something that hurts him because he loves her Kaya told her, “I only wanted one thing from you.” And in my opinion, he wanted love.
Here Negi Suna is the most complicated character in life, with a hard understanding that she wants to do and does not think about what because she herself does not know Suna her dream was to create a happy family This was her dream and unfortunately it crashed 3 times The first time when Ferit chose to walk on her again when Abidin surrendered and handed her over to Tariq the first time he saw him followed once when she married Saffet.

Do you know when they say that as you entered a relationship with people Toksic the day you find the right person you are the taxi literally this is what happened with Suna but from my point of view Suna really formed a passionate bond towards Kaya and there are feelings inside her towards him but she tries to ignore her and this is very clear when he told her I love you A woman wants to get divorced and she is supposed to not stand her husband Why is she affected by his confession to the extent that she sits crying It is supposed that if she cant even stand to look at his face And she wants to get divorced so it doesn’t make a difference to her what he says and she answers him harshly too
In general I am very happy with the announcement and I want to know Suna’s reply what will it be and what Kaya will do

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