Yali Capkini Episode 57 Analysis and expectations

Yali capkini episode 57 expectations and analysis

Orhan’s words prove that there is an outside hand running the game and wants to involve him and she is responsible for Kaziem entering the hospital

Akin Ibn Akash Aga is the person Seyran came across and he will not be a Psycho personality. On the contrary, he will be understanding and they may be friends for a temporary period (his personality is as logical as her)

Ferit’s words stimulate Suna’s delusions and increase her belief in the words of the fortuneteller and that he is the right person for her (unfortunately she will understand his words in this way)

Halis asked for DNA analysis, but as the leaks said, there will be an early birth, or falsifying the tests, as I don’t expect

Suna is walking in the wrong way and its setback that it entered into since the time of the Efakat strike is still ongoing and maybe it has not excelled now

Although Ferit’s words about the relationship between Abidin and Sona are true and that Abidin is not the person who will help Sona achieve her mission because his personality is a follower and a coward who will not help her get out of the prison of fear But I didn’t expect this sentence from Ferit at least it is supposed that if the whole world insults Abidin Ferit is the one who defends him because what Abidin offers to Ferit has not been seen by a brother or a father But I will wait for the episode and I will not judge him only from the sentence

Of course his talk about her relationship with Kaya is contrary to any logic he says because of his personal problems with him and his hatred for Kaya’s presence in their lives not because this is the right thing

Kaya started to get the end of Suna and the evil side will start to dominate and honestly his right because lately he was the only supporter of Suna in the absence of her family and even Efakat abandoned her and there was no one but Kaya to support her

She is really finished, the writer let her enter the palace and even she says to Sater, I consider Orhan’s daughter-in-law, and then in a second all collapsed on her, the same collapse of Seyran and the same wearing of Seyran when she came out of the palace, but the difference is that one oppressed and remained raised head and left the camel with what he carried and let the grandfather know the amount of his hypocrisy, and one sick and obsessed and knelt down to the grandfather and beg him, the writer excelled in her scandal and rehabilitated Seyran .

Kazim hit two birds with one 👌 stone they will make Seyran believe that he agreed to her request and withdraw the complaint but at the same time let Orhan make a problem in prison his release was delayed
And Seyran meets Akin and feels comfortable with his presence because he is a normal person in this😅 crazy series

But after she knows Kazim’s game it will be a hand for Seyran’s trust in her father again and sure she will cancel the agreement between them But I am afraid that he will fall in love with her and leave him I mean this is not different from Ferit She exploits the feelings of others for her 😖 own benefit

Efakat knew Suna’s weaknesses and knew that she is an air personality and she is easily cursed so she was able to enter it through divination

She also began to see the degree of Kaya’s closeness and his strength and protection of Suna, so she was afraid of the topic of going to be repeated again, so she wanted to end the topic and get Suna out of the house in a very disgusting way ..!

If Efakat is really the one who pushed the fortune teller, Suna because she is a troubled and airy person helped Efakat without feeling completely ..!

Suna canceled logic and reason, and when I was the first one, I came out and consulted and said Suna’s behavior is not innocent, I was attacked, but I was sure that Suna would develop with her due to my knowledge of her psychological disorder ..!

The strange thing is that the one who defends Suna desperately while she is making a disaster like she is married and loves another one, and at the same time she thinks about her sister’s husband and imagines herself as his wife while she is married to a man who treats her at least now with the utmost love and respect (Followers see that this is normal and sorry she is troubled and sympathized and stuff like that, and there are people who justify her to the extent that they think it is normal) While they turned the world around when Ferit knew Nevera, which is the salvation of his relationship with Siran ended, and at that time they said traitor and dirty, so I am a hero and respond to them because it is very difficult to find a fair person far from his whims and thinking with his young age and his internal voices, etc..!

Suna is difficult for you, uh, to sympathize with her, uh, but justifies the that she does and gives the right as well, you keep someone in need to see what your problem is and address it because the topic is very difficult, so every problem concerns Ferit, Seyran or Suna, you must meet people who defend desperately, and therefore the topic has become difficult and society is afraid and God is afraid ..!

I would like to explain something to those who still have some difficulty in comprehension. The pair of this series is already clear. But at this point, there are big gaps in the #SeyFer couple. Why do you insist on not understanding when this is obvious? I don’t like the character of Pelin, and the way it was written was freakishly flawed. And that’s why we got out of character. We don’t know what the character of the raid will be like, why is it 3. Are you looking like a person? They won’t write about Seyran and his love affair anyway. So don’t worry it doesn’t make kids like Ferit .

He may be more of the character who triggers Ferit and causes him to crawl because of his dishonor, and moreover, he can support Seyran. Beyond that, why would it be? You compare it to a character that cannot be written like Wormwood. Do not confuse each other. Despite all this, what should be done despite what Ferit has done, should there be reconciliation or something? Some attacks are also necessary for the series to regain its old ratings.

You see, there are no spectators. The audience should not come and go. There has to be something to give the series a dynamic, why don’t you still want to understand? They made me an enemy of Seyfer, they made me an enemy of Mert or something, your head is really good, if you don’t have it, these are not the words that a sober and healthy person would say. What can I say, I guess we don’t watch the same series as you. Good luck 🙏 #YalıÇapkını

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