Yali Capkini Episode 56 Seyran returns to the palace

Is Seyran going back to the palace?

It is said that Kazim will ask Seyran to cancel the divorce in order to serve the Şanli’s family’s revenge on the Korhan family and Seyran agrees
What is the goal and how will the revenge be done?
Perhaps the goal is to work to deprive Halis of his most precious possession, Ferit , by creating a situation similar to the end of episode 39 when Ferit left the palace.

Seyran will really succeed in her revenge and will try to take revenge on Korhan’s family, but Ferit will not be on the side of his family, meaning he will be hurt with them as well when he knows that she returned to him and returned to the palace for revenge only, of course he will be shocked by her as well, even if she shows him the truth about his grandfather and Wali in the palace.

This is the meaning and goal of the second season
A unique delivery of the point of total collapse and distrust of anyone, and the prelude to this has been since episode 41 of the university scene.

Maybe they want to get Ferit to the point of suicide as the end of the second season.
Also, more than one unique scene says, “Do I slaughter myself once for Abidin and once for Seyran , but it remains an attempt that will succeed, and no one can stop him and retreat and any one who will let him back down, or how after the suicide attempt, his position will be towards Seyran and those around him.”

After the suicide attempt, Ferit red will be more rigid and his feelings will cool down.
Only then will it be a walking journey to revive their love
Everyone says it’s Seyran’s turn to prove her love, but I find that she won’t move before she puts Ferit’s life in danger.
I hope that this does not happen and that he does not end up committing suicide.

Why don’t things be revealed to Ferit at the same time he finds Seyran the only one who did not deceive him and the clear and honest is always with him
✅ Seyran on her journey to revenge will succeed, but what will she gain? “Will what she has in her hand be parallel to what she will lose?”

✴️ Facts:
In the journey of revenge, most of the hidden truths will be revealed and secrets will be exploded.✴️ SeyFer’s injury or the danger he will encounter during this war
✅ For Ferit , I think there won’t be another injury, but maybe a bout of drunkenness so big that he goes into a coma for several days, of course because he discovers facts or scandals.

✅ For Seyran she will be the last victim of the two-family war and that when she decides not to be a pawn in the war of Kazim and Nukhet on Halis then she will turn into an easy target for the Nukhet and ifakat games.
✴️ Who will be the owner of the first step towards the other

✅ I think the answer is easy, which is “Seyran .”
It will happen after Ferit’s life is put at risk by the revenge game.
But at the same time will you find Seyran answer from
Ferit I can’t say for sure now!
But it is certain that Seyran’s injury will blow up all the obstacles between them.

Akef posted the news that the Afram made peace
Anwar went down and said there is shocking news coming tomorrow
Some of the vans misunderstood and circulated the girl’s rumor
Anwar and Akef deleted the news I went down initially on my words I noticed the news of Akef enough he said the Afram made peace a little positive 🧘

I heard that Afra rented a place. To celebrate Mert’s birthday and there are invitations for each other sent and they made it private
I heard this talk from a Turkish woman who is grilled and sure of that news she said that’s why they are pressing with photography to catch up with the celebration we will see in waiting if there is no filming at night you see it is true 😘

Ferit is not Orhan nor Halis nor Kazim, he was not lying to Seyran or making mistakes “deliberately”, he never wanted all of this, circumstances set him to fail and we all saw his struggle, he was never at any point ok with it.
Yes Seyran should not settle for less and when she asks for honesty, trust and to feel safe in her relationship it’s her full right.

But trust goes both way too, understanding, extending the benefit of a doubt and opting for a mindset of reduced criticism, will give the other more confidence and trust and encourage him to be open and by so avoid making mistakes.

It’s not her fault that Ferit made mistakes because he lacked trust to be open with her, she could’ve helped him if he communicated his insecurities in this relationship and how he feels.
Same as he could’ve evaluated more the risks he took and understood better to what extent her trust is fragile if she was able to communicate her insecurities and where it comes from.

They will get there… ❤️‍🩹

I think Seyran did that though. She stayed with him after the photos (kiss), she believed him (although it was hard). Same with Sultan, but the Pelin stuff- was too much. Bringing her to the Yali- that could never be accepted- he did it anyway.

It’s not about Pelin nor the photos nor sultan, staying yes she stayed, and him too he tried to fix his mistakes and apologised, but that’s not enough but it was too late, it came after the damages already made.

It’s about them and their behaviour beforehand not afterwards, the bar photos she threw them at his face and immediately suspected him and sultan she made plans behind his back to discover the truth, and him he lied about Pelin and hide everything from her.

What’s the point of staying or trying to apologise after making the mistakes. If they were honest and trusted each other they wouldn’t have made those mistakes at first place.
He was not honest with her about his insecurities so she couldn’t ensure him enough trust to open up to her, and she wasn’t honest with him about her insecurities so he could ensure her enough trust to show more understanding and not rush on judging.

Very well said!We are watching #YaliÇapkini for #SeyFer and #AfRam nothing more and nothing less.Their hard work is truly appreciated.Thanks to Afra &Mert for all you’ve done. I truly appreciate the effort you’ve put into this series.We couldn’t achieve this success without them.

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