Yali Capkini Episode 31 with English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 31 with English Subtitles

The new Yali Capkini Episode 31 with English Subtitles (The Kingfisher) series, will be with you as of 08 P.M on Friday, May 5th? In the end episode; Seyran and Ferit sign the divorce papers and Halis Ağa is worse off firing Seyran. Watch the 31th episode trailer of Yalı Çapkını here ..

Is Seyran to blame for what her father did? No   In her current state, will Seyran go out with Tarik? No Due to Seyran’s recent intransigence, it will appear to us as viewers that she accepts Tarik’s invitation to a date, but she actually declines, and Kazim is the reason she left. Everyone has sympathy for Seyran, which is only normal, but why has there been a crisis recently when a sizable percentage of her supporters have placed the blame despite the fact that we are all aware that he has usurped her?

Yali Capkini with English Subtitles

Many people have lost sympathy for Seyran, and as to why, some will respond, “Every problem we tell the writer can’t be bad and like the situation!” The author failed to describe Seyran’s tale and failed to write moments that gained people’s sympathy for her, and this can be seen recently. However, Seyran can trust her; certainly, she is stubborn, but in the end she is trustworthy. She is the person most deserving of pity. When the most prominent character you have is subjected to abuse and humiliation and a sizable audience finds it difficult to empathize with her repeatedly, I see you as a spectator. Who still has the flaw, exactly?

The story of Seyran going to regret will regret only one thing—not listening to Ferit and giving him a chance. Unfortunately, she will realize the matter too late, as Ferit said, but it is too late, and when he sees her with Tariq. Seyran did not make a mistake in asking for a divorce, but she was wrong in her insistence on the subject. It was necessary to resolve the issue before it leads to a dispute between Kazim and Halis Aga.

Was Seyran’s initial request for a divorce a mistake? Yes

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I am aware that Ferit erred in raising her hand, but there was still time to correct the situation and avoid pressing the matter further. It was also possible to pinch Ferit and deny her, but her persistence led to the crisis between Halis and Kazim, which is why I believe Halis Aga’s request for a divorce is justified.

I loved how Seyran told Halis Aga that his nickname meant nothing to her and when she waived all of her rights, this proved that she has no ambitions. Yes, she will suffer for a while due to her stubbornness, but we all know that she will not solve anything because like Ferit, she cannot do Kazim. Seyran’s problem is that she does not want Ferit to brag about her and does not tell her you were right.

Zerin began taking money out of Kazim’s account.

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However, the more accurate meaning is that Kazim is not a faithful husband. On the contrary, no woman would have looked at Kazim, and no one crossed him because he did not betray Asme. However, with the first woman who cared about him, he responded to her. Do you anticipate Suna to act and keep the secret from Ferit in season 9?

Over the course of my viewing of the series, I repeatedly stated that I was watching it for Seyfer alone. Everyone kept saying things like “don’t be superficial,” “not everything you need is love and romance,” and “there must be a dramatic construction,” and at the time, I responded “perfectly,” “There is no problem,” and “I do not want a quick love,” but sadly, we have reached episode 30 and nothing has changed, even if only 1%, I mean, I myself someone tells

Yali Capkini Episode 31 English Subtitles

Don’t overthink things There hasn’t been any progress. We are still caught in the same maze of coercion, the same circle of ignorance, and the same level of terror of Kazim and Halis Aga. Is it acceptable to assume that 30 episodes is insufficient for a development, and why are all the characters present except for Seyfer’s relationship?

The reason is the ignorant writer because of the ludicrous and inflammatory writing, not Ferit or Sir. They do not even go out alone, they do not travel, and if they do, Suna and the rest of the group go with them as if it were a school trip. There is no romantic dance that brings them together, and all of their scenes take place in the same room. Only my brother God will remove you from any relationship you promote and take advantage of the vans and Mert and Afra in Promote.

Some claim that Seyran seeks retribution from Ferit to make him experience her feelings when he was with Pelin. Nice comments, but no one anticipated that in order to support her position, she would damage herself and cause injury to others. There is suspense, but it doesn’t make me happy, and no one is having fun with the happenings.

Yali Capkini Episode 31

Oh how happy I am with the events and how it helps some folks. Oh my happiness with the occasions and Ferit’s bad 15 episodes, then 15 unsatisfactory episodes Oh my happiness You try to persuade Ferit that nobody loves him but Pelin since he enjoys the events and is free with the happenings, but this writer is very weak. In order to extend the roles of specific characters, these events should have taken place after episode 15 almost rather than towards the end of the season. Additionally, more than 15 episodes were squandered.

The trailer supervisor claims that every night ends with light and that real love and hard work are required to accomplish the seemingly impossible. He also notes that Ferit and Seyran’s romance is not set in the summer and that the writer did not make any promises regarding a love affair revolving around your mother’s life or being full of flowers.

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