Yali Capkini Episode 28 with English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 28 with English Subtitles

The new Yali Capkini Episode 28 with English Subtitles (The Kingfisher) series, will be with you as of 08 P.M on Friday, April 14th? In the end episode; For Seyran, who catches Ferit’s hand in the air, the ropes come to the breaking point and he takes his breath in Kazım’s house. Watch the 28th episode trailer of Yalı Çapkını here

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Yal’apkn, a TV series on Star TV that broke ratings records, has an incredible new trailer. Seyran and Ferit set out on an unreturnable path. It gets nasty when Kazm Aa gets involved. The latest episode trailer for Burcu Alptekin and Mehmet Barş Günger’s OGM Pictures television series “Yal apkn,” whose debut episode aired on September 23, 2022, is now available.

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Successful actors like Afra Saraçolu, Mert Ramazan Demir, Etin Tekindor, Erif Sezer, and Emre Altu are among the cast members. Every episode of the Yal’apk’n series, which has amassed a sizable fan base since its debut, keeps viewers glued to their televisions. Watch what happens in the upcoming episode of the show.

Kazm Baba relaxes. “You’re getting divorced, I thought I moved!” Seyran will depart the house on the last episode of the season. Fakat won’t pass up the chance to speak with Pelin and her mother. The mother of Pelin, on the other hand, will work with Kazm Aa. Kazm Aa will make the final point. Here is the Yal apkn 28th episode schedule and episode summary.

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How did the last episode turn out?

The ropes snap for Seyran, who clutches Ferit’s hand in the air, and he takes a breath within Kazm’s home. Halis Aa is furious when he discovers that Seyran has left the house. Fakat is happy about this advancement. When Ferit learns about the situation with Suna, he demands an explanation from Abidin, which leads to a fight between the two. Fakat’s strategy is going according to plan, but Seyran insists on staying away from the estate. Saffet reveals to his grandfather his desire to wed Suna. To win Ferit, Pelin moves one step further. The encounter between Kazm Aa and Zerrin alters everything.

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