Yabani Episode 35 English Subtitles

Yabani Episode 35 Summary and Frames…

Walls of secrecy crumble. Everyone has seen the real face of Serhan now. Serhan, who has no choice but to escape from now on, even dares to blackmail her family by holding Neslihan hostage for this reason. Determined not to sacrifice his siblings to Serhan, Yaman tries to hide from the children that their mother has been kidnapped.

But it will not be easy for him to keep Alaz away from this terrible truth. The biggest confrontation with Serhan is now inevitable.
Yaman is ready to do whatever it takes to save his mother. But the only force that can get Serhan out of his hole is his children. Çağla turns herself into a bait with the remorse she carries.

Ece, on the other hand, reaches some truths before anyone else. Serhan is about to be tested with what he trusts the most: his children.
Neslihan, on the other hand, is locked up with Şebnem, and the two women spill all the stones on their skirts. Serhan’s pressures start Şebnem’s premature labor pains. On the one hand, Neslihan has to save both the baby and the mother. On the one hand, Yaman is determined to reach them in time and not let Serhan slip away. However, at the end of this race against time, there are very painful losses for everyone.

Now Yabani series episode 35 is translated on the frequency of all the carrier channels Now we will start to put everything related to that episode, as Yabani series is one of the best series broadcast in Turkey, so all the research is currently going on by all lovers and lovers of the series in order to enjoy that episode, so we will present before you now in detail everything related about that episode in terms of the frequencies of the channels responsible for transmitting that episode and its broadcast dates.

Now Yabani series episode 35

Series Yabani Episode 35 Today, May 25, we become on a date with the completion of its transfer through the screens of the Turkish channel Now TV, where through the screens of the Now channel we follow the new episode of the savage, which will be loaded with many events after the Now channel decided to end the presentation of the series on the channel’s screens after the decrease in the percentage of ret, despite changing its date, provided that today we become on a date with the episode of revealing the facts, so all search indicators on Google are high in order to adjust And receiving the frequencies of the channels responsible for transmitting that episode, which we will now provide you with through the next paragraph of that article.

Channels carrying the series Yabani

The beloved Turkish series is broadcast on Saturday evening of each week at eight in the evening according to the time of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the eighth according to Cairo time in the following symbols and frequencies: –

Satellite:- Nilesat.
Frequency:- 11034.
Polarization rate:- Horizontal.
Correction rate:- 5/6.
Symbol rate:- 27500.
Nilesat Satellite
Frequency:- 12034
Codec:- 27500
Polarization rate:- Horizontal.
HD quality rate.
Arabsat satellite.
Frequency:- 11034
Symbol Rate:- 27500
Error correction factor:- 5/6
The polarization rate is vertical.

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