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The series Wild, starring Halit Özgür sarı and Simay Barlas, continues to be broadcast on Tuesday evenings on the channel, which has changed its name from Fox TV to Now.

The series, which has an exciting story, also has a strong cast. The ratings of the series also continue to be good. So what will happen in the 23rd new episode of the Wild series, which will air on Tuesday, February 20? Here are the details:

Yaman Ali, who learned that his father Güven had another son, had a bad start with Deniz, who had just arrived from abroad. His successive mistakes lead Yaman to seek peace on the streets again. At such a time, the announcement of the will of his grandfather Eşref Ali Soysalan inevitably pulls Yaman back to the world he escaped.

The precautions taken by his grandfather before he died put the fate of his siblings in the hands of Yaman. Serhan has removed his claws. The games she plays to attract her children to her side push Neslihan into a corner. If she wants a divorce, she must find a way to reconcile with Serhan.

Eşref’s will contains details that directly affect Özge and Güven’s marriage. Just as he expressed his true feelings to Neslihan, there are other obligations waiting for Güven.

As inheritance storms break out in the Soysanlar household, Alaz brings home a girl he met in a bistro just for the sake of driving Rebel crazy. The important thing for Rebel is to find out if Alaz really betrayed him. He won’t let Alaz hurt him like that. After all, there is a limit to what love can forgive…

Dream, who is going through a period of emotional abuse, thinks that Deniz is trying to help him, but he is not aware that he is actually being manipulated. While Yaman Ali thinks he has found a new brother, he is actually facing his most dangerous enemy.

What shows are on Tuesday? 20 February 2024 Kanal D, Star TV, TV8, NOW TV, TRT1, Show TV, ATV broadcast stream
Viewers who want to enjoy the series tonight are curious about the broadcast streams of national channels. Today, in the evening, Kanal D, Star TV, ATV, Show TV, TRT1, Fox TV and TV8 channels will broadcast immersive TV series and movies. Tonight; Before You, Bahar, Yabani, Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam and Survivor All Star 2024 will be on the screen. So what shows are on Tuesday? What’s on TV February 20, 2024? Here is the Tuesday, February 20, 2024 TV broadcast stream today’s series and times

Tuesday, February 20, 2024 TV broadcast stream has been announced. Tonight, Kanal D, Star TV, TV8, Fox TV, ATV, TRT1, Show TV channels will present entertaining programs, exciting series, blockbuster movies and important matches. So what shows are on Tuesday on TV? Here are today’s series and times on February 20, 2024 Kanal D, ATV, FOX TV, Show TV, TV8, TRT 1, STAR TV broadcast stream


Tonight, the new episodes of Kanal D’s Senden Önce, Show TV’s Bahar, Now TV’s Wild and ATV’s Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam will meet with the audience, while the replay of the Ash Tale series will be screened on TRT1. A foreign movie called The Lost Kingdom will be screened on Star TV. Tonight, there will also be the excitement of the phenomenon competition Survivor All Star 2024 on TV8. Here is the TV broadcast stream of all channels


16:00 Love and Hope

17:30 Back Streets

18:40 Kanal D Main News

20:00 Before You

10:45 p.m. Before You


15:00 Don’t Give Up with Didem Arslan Yılmaz

18:45 Show Main News

20:00 Spring

22:30 Spring

01:15 Smell of the Chest


14:00 Kitchen Excuse

16:00 at Esra Erol

19:00 ATV Main News

20:00 I Can’t Fit in This World

00:20 Deceive


13:30 Zahide Catch Up, Let’s Start Work Again

16:15 Lyrics

18:15 Star Main News

19:00 Very Nice Moves 2

20:00 Foreign Cinema Forbidden Kingdom

22:15 Foreign Cinema Forbidden Kingdom

00:30 Domestic Series Replay/Cinema


14:40 An Infatuation

5:45 p.m. Lingo

19:00 Main News

19:55 Contrary to the allegations

20:00 Ash Tale

23:10 An Infatuation


14:00 Survivor Extra

16:00 We Are Having Dinner with Zuhal Topal

20:00 Survivor All Star 2024

00:15 Reply Turkey

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