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Each episode of the series called Wild, which is broadcast on Tuesday evenings on the Fox TV screen, progresses in the form of a storm of excitement.

The series, which continues to receive good ratings, stars Halil İbrahim Ceyhan and Simay Barlas. The harmony of the two young actors, who were attributed to each other, also impressed the audience and their high energy was also effective in the success of the project.

Details about what will happen in the Wild series, which will appear in front of the audience on Tuesday evening with its 19th new episode, are as follows:

While the murder of Eşref falls like lightning on the house of Soysalan, Yaman Ali is sure that Serhan was the one who did it. However, the blame was placed on his father Güven instead of Serhan. Yaman frantically pursues the truth to save his father.

Serhan returns to the Soysanlar household, taking advantage of Neslihan’s paternal pain emptiness that takes her away from home, her children and herself. The only way he can stay in that house is a formula that he has used in the past. Understanding this, Yaman’s reaction will be at a level that Serhan cannot predict.

While Alaz continues to support her father, Çağla embarks on a dark path. Brave and Rebel encounter Çağla’s scattered state and put themselves in danger to help her. But the wall they come across is Alaz. The fact that Asi and Alaz are on different sides in this incident makes their relationship even more tense.

Yaman embarks on this path with his compass Dream and reaches key secrets. However, the violence of reality is such that it can shake everyone’s lives to the core.


In the series Wild, which is broadcast on Fox TV screens on Tuesday evenings, the duo of Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas exhibits a magnificent example of success.

The fact that the story of the series, in which the two young actors have a good harmony, has achieved a strong rating with the appreciation, and that it is one of the series that has made a good debut in recent years, shows the success of the Wild project.

In the 18th new episode of the series, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, January 16, there will be remarkable events in the series, which will attract the attention of a wide audience abroad in a short time. Here are all the details:

Thanks to the game set up by Yaman, all of Serhan’s victimization scenarios become nothing. Serhan now has to aggressively calculate his last moves to keep Neslihan in his hands.

The balances also change for Şebnem and Metin, who learn that it was Alaz who tried to kill Yaman and Hayal, and that Serhan tried to cover up this fact for the sake of protecting his son.

Şebnem questions all the decisions she has made so far. The dream now sees that his mother and father are genuinely attached. There are two paths in front of Neslihan. Either to succumb to the blackmail that Serhan put in front of him as the last trump card…

Or to get out of the corner with the help of Yaman, to take the ropes in his hands and fight not to lose his children to Serhan. Alaz regrets what happened to Rebel the most. Their hateful love grows even more, even if they don’t realize it.

Alaz, who was stabbed by the rebel, was dying at the hands of Güven; The only focus of Serhan’s anger, who is cornered from all sides, is Yaman and his father. His grudge also fuels the enmity between Alaz and Yaman.

One of them is about to lose everything. But who? Deserving it? The innocent one? Who will be the loser of this blind fight?

Have the January 23 ratings results been announced? How are the ratings of Yabani, Survivor, Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam, Three Sisters?

There is a ratings war between the series and programs that come to the screen on Tuesday evenings. Rating results show the viewing rates of productions such as TV series, movies and programs. So, have the January 23 ratings results been announced? How are the ratings of Yabani, Survivor, Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam, Three Sisters?

Tonight, new episodes of Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam on ATV, Three Sisters on Kanal D, Aile on Show TV, and Wild on Fox TV will be broadcast, while Foreign Cinema “Hitman Ajan 47” on TRT1 and Kolpaçino 3 on Star TV. The circuit film will be screened. So, have the January 23 ratings results been announced? How are the ratings of Yabani, Survivor, Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam, Three Sisters?

The ratings results for January 23 have not yet been announced. The results will be added to our news after the results are announced tomorrow morning.


In Total, Yabani was at the top of the rating list, Survivor All Star was in second place, and Müge Anlı and Tatli Sert were in third place.

In the EU, Survivor All Star took the first place, FOX Ana Haber with Selçuk Tepeli took the second place, and Wild took the third place.

On the 20+ABC1 list, Survivor All Star took the first place, Yabani took the second place, and Selçuk Tepeli and FOX Main News took the third place.

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