O Kiz English Subtitles

O Kiz Episode 14 English Subtitles

O Kiz Episode 14 English Subtitles

The new O Kiz Episode 14 English Subtitles have been released! In the end episode; Sitare learns Müjgan’s true identity! What happens in the episode on December 21st? 

This week, like it does every Wednesday, the O Kz series visited the homes of TV show fans on Kanal D televisions. Has the 14th episode trailer of O Kz been released for serial viewers who wish to watch the new episode trailer of the series? She continues her investigation in the form of “Watch O Kz 14th episode trailer” out of a desire to learn. Details from the overview and a link to the 14th episode of the Kanal D series O Kz.

The 12th episode of the O Kz series, which was shown on Kanal D screens, was made available for viewing. Has the O Girl new episode trailer been released? After the last episode, viewers who want to watch the scenes are curious about what will happen next. Details are provided below.

Zeynep is with Doruk during the events of the last episode, and as a result, everyone’s attention is progressively drawn to their connection. Ozan, who is enraged by his jealousy, doesn’t think twice about using his “business relationships” against Zeynep. The feelings Ozan has for Zeynep are already known to Sitare, on the other hand. He doesn’t take Ozan’s feelings seriously, but he nonetheless conducts himself professionally. Here are the O Kz episode 14 trailer and episode synopsis.

How did the last episode turn out?

To open Zeynep’s eyes once more and to disclose to Zeynep Sitare’s actual self, Doruk, who is terrified of pursuing the forbidden love he has observed, is eager to uncover their relationship. How would Sitare respond to Doruk’s maneuver? Zeynep and Doruk made their sentiments known to one another when Doruk kissed her. There was a strong love of electricity present in the center when Ozan entered the field of attraction.

On the other side, Sitare progressively develops the suspicion that Melek might actually be Müjgan despite not taking Kadir’s insistence on Melek seriously. Sitare is able to capture Melek in her grasp by bringing up Kadir now that she is certain of her misgivings. Melek will be in greater difficulties as a result of the State’s action following her amazement upon seeing Kadir.


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