O Kiz Episode 13 English Subtitles

O Kiz Episode 13 English Subtitles

O Kiz – Zeynep, like thousands of other young girls, is a social media sensation who aspires to live a better life. However, while striving for this, she also “mothers” her father. Because a 45-year-old big man’s emotions and intelligence are those of a 5-year-old. With his toy car in hand, his childish jokes, and their reconciliation, Kadir is a complete child man. In her mother’s womb, she was strangled by a cord wrapped around her neck. Kadir was born as “Exam” to both his parents and his children. That’s what Zeynep’s grandfather says to her… This is it, O Kiz (That Girl).

Will Kadir and Melek meet?

O Kız series, starring Erkan Petekkaya and Dilin Döğer, is about the life of Zeynep and her mentally retarded father, Kadir. After that Girl Episode 11, the excitement continues to increase. In the final episode of O Kız, Zeynep confessed the truth. So, what will happen in the new episode of O Kız? Here are the trailer and summary for the 13th episode of O Kız…

Despite this, Kadir, who cannot be angry with Melek and sees the crime in his own unique situation, encounters Zeynep’s reaction. 
Melek is introduced to Zeynep by Sitare. 
Kadir is taken aback when he sees mother and daughter together! 
Doruk was perplexed after witnessing Sitare and Ozan’s forbidden relationship and will begin completely different account.

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