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Kul Masali Episode 6 English Subtitle

Kul Masali Episode 6 With English Subtitle

Kul Masali crashed in the ratings! The lead actors did not compromise on their claims
TRT’s new series Ash Tale, which set out with great hopes, could not reach the desired viewing rate in its first episode. While wondering how the series, which had bad ratings, would recover, the leading actors of the project stated that their claims continued. Here are the statements of those actors of Kul Masali…

While the scenarios of the existing series continue to be interpreted by the audience every week, new series that have just started their broadcasting life have started to come to the fore one after another. In this context, one of the new series that has made a name for itself with its promotions and posters in recent weeks has come to the fore as Ash Tale.

Ash Tale, one of the new period productions of TRT1, appeared in front of the audience with its first episode last night. The series, which attracted attention with its cast in the first place, could not reach the desired viewing rate in its first episode. While wondering how this situation will recover and what kind of developments will take place in the second part of the series, the leading actors of the series fell like a bomb on the agenda with their assertive speeches.


The first episode of Ash Tale, which was broadcast on TRT1 screens on Thursday, February 15, came to the fore with bad ratings after the magnificent gala night. The new series, which could not achieve the desired output in the face of ambitious productions such as Pearl Grains and Deception, which were broadcast on the same day, ranked 25th in the all persons category, 21st in the EU group and 23rd in the ABC1 group. These rankings revealed that the series had a bad start.


Kul Masali actors, who met with members of the press before the introduction of the first episode, stood behind the project. Revealing that they stand by their claims, Sevda Erginci used the following statements: “A Cinderella story where all the characters are more realistic and flawed. Özge is stepping into a difficult life in Istanbul for her brother in Bursa and the man she fell in love with from her struggle for herself.”

Gökhan Alkan, another lead actor of the series, talked about his character. Character; Stating that loving someone cannot be done with reason and logic, and that it must be from the heart and heart, Alkan continued his words as follows: “It is a story where everyone is real. Hopefully, we will have a long journey with our audience.”

TRT 1’s new series Ash Tale is coming to the screens with its second episode. Jale’s spiritual presence in the mansion is on Arat! Özge’s difficult journey has begun… Ash Tale, which started broadcasting on TRT 1 screens last week with its mysterious story and successful cast, comes to the screens with its second episode on Thursday, February 22 at 20.00.

In the mysterious story of Kul Masali 3, Arat Giraylı (Gökhan Alkan), the heir to the Giraylı family, one of Turkey’s most established families, meets Özge (Sevda Erginci), who works as a cook in a restaurant and has a poor background, falls in love at first sight and marries her.

Özge’s entry into Arat’s family’s mansion as a bride puts her in a world full of intrigue from a love tale. It is about the outbursts of anger from her husband’s past, Özge’s sister Behiye’s (Gizem Güneş) lust for wealth, and the shadow that haunts Arat’s suspiciously deceased wife Jale (Başak Gümülcinelioğlu), further complicating Özge’s difficult journey.

The plot of the second part of Kul Masali Ep 3 is as follows:

Seeing Jale’s spiritual presence in the mansion and her effects on Arat shakes Özge very much. Neveser is looking for ways to separate Özge and Arat. He has a plan to involve Behiye. Behiye makes a mistake that will put her sister in a very difficult situation.

While Arat wants to make Özge happy and live his love to the fullest, Özge begins to feel that she is stuck between her love and the family of the man she loves. Özge, who wants to bond with Arat’s daughter Birce, asks Arat for support in this regard. Cemil, who reopens Jale’s accident file, encounters an unexpected offer while looking for new clues. Who the offer came from is a much bigger mystery.

In the strong cast of Ash Tale; There are successful names such as Gökhan Alkan, Sevda Erginci, Başak Gümülcineoğlu, Hülya Darcan, Ushan Çakır, Özgür Çevik, Gizem Kala and Gizem Güneş.

Set in a world full of intrigue from a fairytale story, where love is not always what it seems, “Ash Tale” is on TRT 1 every Thursday at 20.00.

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