Kizil Goncalar Episode 7 With English Subtitle

Kizil Goncalar Episode 7 English Subtitle

Mert Turak is quite successful in the role of Naim. So far, he paints a portrait of a father who loves his daughter and thinks he is doing the right thing in his world. On the other hand, he is trying to secure himself with this marriage and gain a status within the sect. Sadi Hüdayi Efendi’s statement to his aide-de-camp Arif that “there is an order for everything” and his closed conversation with Sadi, “You have taken us here, but what are we waiting for” are all due to this desire. Sadi Hudayi brushed it off with a story about patience, but Naim was not satisfied.

Later, in the conversation between Arif and Sadi, it was said that it should not be like what happened before with Cüneyd. Cüneyd’s family and the process they went through will probably be a surprising story that will be revealed in the following therapy sessions. Sadi Hudayi, in Cüneyd’s own words, sees marriage as a solution for him to find peace, that is, to recover. It’s kind of the same as placing a caretaker guard next to it.

Cüneyd is a deep-thinking character who is different from the others. We don’t yet know his psychological diagnosis. He is interested in religion, philosophy and reads a lot of books. He is constantly questioning life. Words such as “Being one of those who are sad not that we did not receive, but that we did not give” or “The fact that the apple was half rotten, if it were complete, it would not have remained on the ground nor rotted”, which he said in his conversation with the disciples in the courtyard, show that he was in a constant search. He has the power to influence those around him with his speech. Even when Levent gets angry with his wife in the episode, the phrase “As Cüneyd said, all evil has become a disease” shows that Levent was influenced by Cüneyd.

Feyza is in love with her cousin Cüneyd and dreams of marrying him. By persuading his mother, he also puts pressure on his father. Already his father is under the control of his mother. When he had the opportunity to talk to Cüneyd, he heard Cüneyd say, “Even worms have nests. This is our home, we are all together, we see each other.

And the rosaries smell so good,” he translated as “I like what you did to our home, Mom,” and almost went into the mode of sending marriage invitations. I feel sorry for Feyza. He has devoted his whole life to this dream. In fact, she wants to marry for love, but also for the lust for power. Believe me, I’m afraid of what Feyza, who is jealous of Cüneyd even from the little children in episode 1, will do to Zeynep in the following episodes.

Naim’s childhood and his acquaintance with mortals were briefly shown in this episode. As a small and orphaned child, Naim is adopted by the Mortals while being pushed and pushed through the streets. When he saw a child and his mother reminding him of this situation, he first exploded in anger. Afterwards, there was a desire to help the mother and her child, who we saw were very poor and in need of help. It seems that there will be a bond between these three. The fact that the woman says to her son, “I will do anything for you, my son” may also be a sign of this. While Naim supports this family, it seems that he will drag his family into another adventure.

Mira, on the other hand, was shaken by her mother’s departure. When he called his mother, he didn’t hear anything but “I’m sorry” and disappeared. He began to use harmful substances. He also cannot make sense of the presence of Meryem and Zeynep in the house. He is also a little jealous that his grandfather, with whom he is not in touch much, pays attention to Zeynep. In this episode, he destroyed the substance for fear of being caught. And this will hurt him. What I love about the series is that it covers real and current issues. He also talks about how young people get bogged down in drugs. This is a very serious problem indeed. Drug dealers prey on the most vulnerable children of that age.

Another topic that will be discussed in the following chapters is Levent’s sister. Hande is an independent journalist, but she has not done a successful job in the last 2 years. “It doesn’t work without ingratiating myself with someone, should I sell my ideals or not?” he says. We know that his relationship with his father is bad, but we don’t know the details. Hande takes a liberal and humanist stance. He joked that his father saw him as an enemy.

At the time, she accused her daughter of being “not enough, but one of the yes men”. His insecurity may be coming from this relationship. That’s why I see Hande as prone to making mistakes in the following chapters. I am also very pleased to observe different father-daughter relationships through Levent-Mira, Naim-Zeynep, Suavi-Hande in the series.

By the way, there is a strange situation between Hande and Seçkin . Seçkin seems to secretly like Hande. While Hande dreams of blowing up the big news in her hand, she is also worried that Meryem and Zeynep may be affected badly by this situation, but I think she is more likely to be affected when it leaks between them.

In the episode, there was an important scene between Cüneyd and Zeynep. He knew that Zeynep had been leafing through Omar Khayyam’s book in the previous chapter, in Junaid’s room. As he led him to his mother’s grave, where does the fountain that flows and the fountain that does not flow in the courtyard meet, he recited strings of water from Khayyam’s rubai:

His mother, Gülayse Güneş, died at the age of 25. His first words were, “You and I will both go in here”. Cüneyd is not one to be surprised. While Zeynep’s drawing on the grave aroused her curiosity, she was also very impressed by the phrase “everything and everyone in nature has a center, maybe this is yours.” When he saw that they were being followed, I thought that he was the first to scold Zeynep by saying, “Who sent you?” Junaid’s uncle and aide-de-camp said that he had taken Zeynep to her mother’s grave as a worrying situation.

I’m really curious about the story about Cüneyd’s parents. Remember that when the parents were mentioned in Chapter 1, her face changed and she started playing with her ring. Cüneyd was left unprotected after his mother died, and something may have happened between him and his father. As a result, at some stage, the father was removed from the congregation.

As for Hasna, she has been in a relationship with two people after her brother’s expulsion. One is Meryem and the other is her older sister Müyesser. In this episode, while eating Meryem’s special butter pastry, he immediately reminded Mary of her location by squeezing her money by saying, “We have welcomed you from our threshold.” By the way, there is a constant pastry subject in the series, everyone who watches it craves it. This situation is so bad, it seems that we are all going to gain weight.

Levent’s effort to prepare breakfast was beautiful and it was very meaningful that that scene was connected to Meryem and Mira’s breakfast scene. Mira, in her own words, does not want people at home who her family would say a mockery of if they saw her on the street. The best scene of the episode was Mary’s extreme love for hate, her gentle and understanding approach to every adverse word, and the conversation that made them both smile afterwards.

Beautiful scenes await us when the big secret of their lives is revealed. Namal displays a very natural acting with her unique Namal facial expressions, the words ‘My beautiful girl’, ‘My lamb with henna’ and her soft voice. By the way, it was very nice that Meryem and Levent talked in front of the door and used Meryem’s compassionate side to persuade. Özcan Deniz was very sympathetic in these scenes. We also saw the difference between them and their families very clearly. While Meryem endures everything so that my daughter does not suffer my fate, Levent is trying to find a babysitter for his father and focus on his profession.

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