Kısmet Episode 3 With English Subtitles

Kısmet Episode 3 With English Subtitles

Kısmet Episode 3 With English Subtitles The new 3rd Episode trailer of Kısmet (Kismet) has been released! In the end episode; While fighting with her feelings, Doğan is shocked when Melike opposes her decision to marry Ceylan. What happen in the episode on June 30th?

Ksmet, a new FOX TV series, garnered a lot of interest after its premiere. The series, in which Zge Acar and Cem Gelinolu shared the principal roles, has a new trailer. The second episode of the show will make viewers laugh and cry at various points. Here is the trailer and episode synopsis for Kismet’s third episode.

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Doan, are you planning a wedding? The first episode of the NTC Medya-produced Kismet television series aired on June 16, 2023, on FOX TV. The series’ debut episode garnered a lot of attention, and Cem Gelinolu and Zge Zacar split the key roles. The series’ script was written by Yusuf Reha Alp and Mahinur Ergun, with Semih Bac serving as director.

Kısmet Episode 3 English Subtitles

Cast of Kismet’s characters: Episode 4 of the Turkish drama Kismet (Kismet): Trailer and Synopsis
The new episode trailer was taken from the show, which contained both humorous and touching moments for the audience. Due of his mother’s interference, Doan will try to remove Ceylan from his family. To demonstrate that Taner is cheating on her, Melike, on the other hand, leads Doan down a perilous path. Doan submits to Melike’s influence. Melike finds out that Doan is going to ask for Ceylan as she is struggling with her emotions.

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Doan agrees to ask his family for Ceylan under the coercion of his mother since he is certain that Reis and Taner will have him executed in the next 24 hours. With the notice arriving at her shop, Nilüfer finds out that her husband has a sizable debt, and she decides to approach an old friend for assistance. To show that Taner is cheating on him, Melike forces Doan to participate in a very risky operation. While the baby they abducted to collect his saliva is causing them a lot of grief, Doan is starting to fall prey to Melike’s magic once more. Doan is astonished when Melike disagrees with her choice to wed Ceylan while she is struggling with her emotions.

How did the last episode turn out?

Along with his mother Sema and his boss Namk Bey, Doan goes to ask for Ceylan. But difficulties persist here. The panic attacks prevent them from wanting the female. Nilüfer seeks Chief Inspector Mert for assistance in finding her absent husband when she runs into her young love again years later. Reis orders Doan to take whatever action is necessary to keep Melike from going back to Taner. When Cevdet promises to assist Melda and Peri, he has an accident. Roza provides Melike with the materials she needs for the DNA test, but Taner discovers that Roza was the one who revealed Melike’s identity and kidnaps both the young woman and the security guard who assisted her. Melike and Doan get involved in a significant mafia fight as they attempt to get into Reis’ office to steal Roza’s passport. Doan makes a public proposal to Ceylan.

The premiere of Kismet on FOX TV is approaching quickly. On June 30th, the third episode of the Kismet television series will air. Read the complete Kismet series here.

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