Kardeslerim with English subtitle

Kardeşlerim Episode 77 with English subtitles

Kardeşlerim Episode 77 with English subtitles

The new Kardeşlerim Episode 77 with English subtitles (The Sibling) has been released! In the end episode; While Nebahat continues to try different ways to keep Doruk away from Asiye, Yasmin moves against her. What happens in the episode on January 28th?

Kardeşlerim’s new episode, which debuted on ATV screens yesterday night, piqued viewers’ interest in what would happen the following week. Following what occurred in the final episode, the audience began to look up what will occur in the upcoming episode. In episode 77, what will happen to Kardeşlerim? The details are as follows:

Kardeşlerim Episode 77

What Do You Have Covered Up for Me? Leyla died in the hospital when she tumbled down the stairs during the final scene of Kardeşlerim while arguing with Süsen. Sarp provides Susen, who experiences remorse, with the encouragement she needs. Mer is invited to dinner by Ahmet. Due to this circumstance, Sarp grows envious of Mer and becomes even more irate.

Asiye will continue to be detained until Doruk’s bail has been paid and he is being tried without a trial. Mer makes the decision to confront Süsen and inquires as to her motives. Here is the Kardeşlerim 77th episode’s trailer and plot summary.

How did the last episode turn out?

While Akif tries to remove the audio recording Ayla made, Sarp’s wounded prompts significant developments on the side of Ahmet and Mer. Orhan makes a surprising choice that will please the Eren family even though Asiye and Doruk are at risk of being detained. While Nebahat tries several strategies to prevent Doruk from getting close to Asiye, Yasmin’s action against Asiye, whose brotherly bond with Mer gets stronger every day, has an unforeseen outcome.

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