Kan Çiçekleri Episode 80 with English Subtitles

Kan Çiçekleri Episode 80 with English Subtitles

Kan Çiçekleri Episode 80 with English Subtitles Hello Blood Flowers lovers. Chaos begins again in Flowers of Blood. Did Baran hear about Derya and Dilan showdown? Will Dilan not give up on Derya so that no one gets hurt? You can also express your opinions with your comments.

Blood Flowers (Vandetta) episode 80th trailer has arrived. Blood Flowers (Vandetta) will continue to be broadcast on Channel 7 screens with its new episode on Monday, April 17th. In the last episode of Blood Flowers (Vandetta), we emphasized that Baran’s feelings towards Dilan have changed. Step by step, Baran and Dilan get closer. What will happen in the 80th episode of Blood Flowers?

The Blood Flowers series continues with its new episodes. Blood Flowers (Vandetta) Blood Flowers episode 80th trailer has arrived! What happened in the last episode of Blood Flowers, what will happen in the new episode? The details in the summary of the 80th episode of Blood Flowers are in our news…

We’re in for a cinematic episode with Blood Flowers. Scenes in Blood Flowers that are tense and heart-pounding continue to storm.

The nightmares of Dilan! Dilan was traumatized by her abduction after being hit on the head by a guy, her life in a different residence as a prisoner, and her imprisonment. These things would have been the same no matter who lived them. Dilan has trouble falling asleep and is frequently delirious. He gets awoken from the nightmare by Baran. But Baran wants to find a radical solution since he wants his wife to feel protected and sleep soundly (at least that’s what he says!).

Kan Çiçekleri Episode 80 English Subtitles

Derya and Firat are conscious of the risk. Rose undoubtedly feels something as well. Baran is aware that a woman is involved. Derya even begins packing her suitcase when she learns this. Baran is fully aware that if he found out, he would be unable to remain in this home. Since it will be weak. However, Derya will make plans as opposed to taking off.

On the other side, Azade keeps applying psychological pressure. He is now formally attempting to put a club between Dilan and Baran at the cemetery’s entrance. Baran tried everything, but he was unable to assist this family. Why won’t Azade consider the safety of the children’s home and accept some things? What year are you, a woman? You must exhibit less maturity than you have previously.

Derya was identified by Dilan as a threat. In the mansion, Derya and Dilan are by themselves. Dilan discovered that Derya was attempting to murder her. What kind of route will Derya take now? Which unwise course will Derya take this time? Will Baran be able to hear what they are saying?

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