Hudutsuz Sevda Episode 18 With English Subtitle


Hudutsuz Sevda 18. Halil İbrahim, who managed to survive thanks to Zeynep in the episode, sits at the negotiating table with Fikretler again, but they have a common enemy to get rid of first: Yılmaz Marten.

In order to get rid of Yılmaz for good, Halil İbrahim embarks on a dangerous game, while Zeynep enters the nest of wolves without knowing the cabinets turned in her father’s house.

Will Halil İbrahim and Zeynep, who are surrounded by enemies, be able to save themselves?

Halil İbrahim goes to visit Yılmaz in prison as planned. Halil, who caused a scene there, manages to get inside. What will happen to Halil İbrahim, who stabbed Yılmaz inside? Will Yılmaz die?


Halil İbrahim (Deniz Can Aktaş), who lost his father due to a Hudutsuz Sevda when he was a young child and was exiled to Istanbul, returns to his hometown of the Black Sea after 20 years as a handsome, strong young man. Here he will marry the girl he loves, Yasemin (Biran Damla Yılmaz), and build his new life. But the experience does not allow this. The life of Halil İbrahim, who embarks on a journey of revenge, will change completely with the emergence of Zeynep (Miray Daner), one of the Letos.

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The 18th episode of Hudutsuz Sevda gave the audience moments full of tension. The series, which is on the screen on Fox TV, is produced by MedYapım, directed by Murat Öztürk and written by Bahadır Özdener. In Hudutsuz Sevda episode 18, Halil İbrahim and Fikret reunite to get rid of Yılmaz. What will Khalil Ibrahim’s dangerous plan cost? Here is the link to watch Hudutsuz Sevda episode 18 for those who missed it and want to watch it again

Hudutsuz Sevda 18. The episode locked the viewer to the screen. In the leading roles; In the new episode of the series, which includes Deniz Can Aktaş, Miray Daner, Biran Damla Yılmaz, Esra Dermancıoğlu and Burak Sevinç, Halil İbrahim stabs Yılmaz in prison. Will the seriously injured Yılmaz die? The 18th episode of the series Borderless Love is in our news. Watch 18 episodes of Limitless Love full hd in one piece!

Hudutsuz Sevda is on FOX TV with its new episode on Thursday at 20.00!

Hudutsuz Sevda 18. In the episode, Halil İbrahim’s words to Yılmaz, “I have come to kill you”, drew attention.

Thursday, February 1, the rating ranking took its place among the topics that were eagerly researched. While successful productions were on the screen on Thursday evening, a new one was added to these productions last week. Written and starring Yılmaz Erdogan, İnci Taneleri came to the screen with its first episode. A new episode of the series will air tonight. In addition, the new episodes of the series Limitsiz Sevda, Aldatma and Hide Me will be on the screen.

The February 1 ratings results will be announced tomorrow morning. Pearl Grains will be added to our news after the Limitless Love rating list is announced.


Last week, Kanal D’s new series İnci Taneleri ranked 1st in all 3 categories (Total, EU and ABC) with its first episode.

“İnci Taneleri”, which met with the audience on Kanal D, took the 1st place in Total, “Survivor All Star”, which was broadcast on TV8, took the 2nd place, and “Hudutsuz Sevda”, which was broadcast on Fox, took the 3rd place.

In the EU, “Pearl Grains” took 1st place, “Survivor All Star” took 2nd place, and “Pearl Grains” replay took 3rd place.

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