Guzel Gunler

Guzel Gunler Episode 9 English Subtitles

Guzel Gunler Episode 9 English Subtitles

The trailer for the new episode of Show TV’s ‘Güzel Günler,’ produced by TMC and directed by Erol Avc, has been released. Kymet’s performance surprised Füsun during the entertaining stage where he, Füsun, Saliha, and Ayşim sang the folk song “Menşure Hanm” together, and these moments burst the audience into laughter.

In the final episode of Güzel Günler, Kymet organises a New Year’s Eve dinner and gathers everyone. Atakan, who wants to start a new chapter in his life, works hard to make New Year’s Eve perfect for his family and overcomes the obstacles that Altan throws in his path.

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Kymet, who wants to make the best impression on his relatives, comes to his aid whenever he gets stuck while declaring mobilisation at home. Füsun is worried about losing her best friend as a result of Feyyaz’s actions. While Selma and Leylim fantasise about winning the lottery, Mihran plans to sever ties with Alya. Altan and Atakan will deliver the biggest surprise of the new year.

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While Osman Taşç directs “Güzel Günler,” which stars Binnur Kaya, Ecem Erkek, Leyla Tanlar, Zeynep amc, Olgun Toker, Burak Dakak, and Yldray ahinler, Seray Gözler, Oya loullar, Orkuncan zan, and Duygu Köse. Selin Tunç penned the screenplay. Here is Güzel Günler’s 9th episode trailer and episode summary…..

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