Gaddar Episode 2 English Subtitles

GADDAR – Do You Know What Is The Most Beautiful Feature Of Guys Like You?

I found Çağatay Ulusoy and Sümeyye Aydoğan compatible in their scenes with each other, and I also found the couple Dağhan and Ayhan to be suitable. In the flashbacks, the love of the two passed on to me. I believed that they loved each other very much and that this love would not end even if the years passed. I saw that even if they broke up, they would not be separated in their hearts.

The couple’s ship tag was AyDağ. Since I heard that relationships can change after military service, Dağhan’s fear of being forgotten before he went to the military made sense to me. They had broken up and reconciled several times before, but apparently the biggest one was the separation that took place while Daghan was in the military. I found both of them right in that phone call. It is not surprising that Daghan reacted harshly to entering the beauty contest with the psychology of military service she was in. The psychology of men in the military changes considerably. What he is doing is downright backward-minded, but his behavior should be evaluated psychologically.

Aydan is also right about the beauty contest in her own way. Is there a rule that every beauty contestant entrant will go astray and go badly? Just as Samet agreed to be a hitman for money and a better life in his life, Aydan can dream of living a good life in this way. There are many famous actresses, presenters, models who come out of beauty pageants, and a beautiful woman like Aydan, who makes a meager living, can easily envy them.

I wonder why Aydan and her mom moved out of the neighborhood? Where did they go? Why do they feel the need to hide this? They didn’t even move their residence. He would never deceive Aydan Dağhan, who was made to watch us. However, it is very suspicious that Gürkan, a policeman who has friends from the neighborhood, knows his last name.

I wonder if something happened between them while Aydan was suffering from separation? Is Gürkan actually aware of where Aydan is doing now? Even if they haven’t experienced anything, is this Gurkan someone who has been obsessed with him for many years?

I didn’t think Daghan was “Cruel” right away. It’s just that it has the potential to be cruel, and it’s a forced path for Samet’s family and debt. He’s not willing to kill like Samet. However, in the last scene, seeing Aydan in a cordial way with Yüksel from the old neighborhood will cause Dağhan to become completely brutal.

Laçin Ceyhan was very successful in the role of Fatma, Dağhan’s mother. It made me feel the full emotion of a mother who has a son in the military and lives in constant fear of the news of her son’s death with her hand in her heart. When the bell rang, she went to the door with the thought that bad news had arrived, but at the same time trying to stand strong as if she was the mother of a martyr, and her tears of joy when she realized that it was really Daghan who came home were impressive.

Fatima is someone who can turn a flea into a camel when she is angry. Dağhan obviously got this habit from his mother. I don’t know what to expect as Fatima’s reason for not talking to David. However, the following also comes to my mind: What could be the reason for the resentment of a woman who was not offended even when Davut Dağhan was kicked out of the house? What could be bigger than that?

We watch Hakan Salınmış in the role of Dağhan’s father Davut. David also does not have a very different temperament from his wife. He kicked Daghan out of the house years ago, the boy went to the army, but there is no softening in the man. Doesn’t a man soften up with his son all these years? Didn’t you worry at all about whether your uncle’s son died in the mountains or not? They haven’t spoken to Fatma for 1 year, they will apologize, but she hasn’t done that. Is it so hard to step in front of the windows instead of being sad? Neither apologizing nor forgiving diminishes a person.

Dağhan’s brother Rüzgar is a Generation Z. Fatih Berk Şahin is a talented young man, and he suits his role. I loved this character. If the lone wind goes with this head, he will break more limbs. Obviously, he got involved in bad things for money when he had the chance to study. The common feature of the people around Dağhan is always the same: lack of money and financial difficulties.

Rüzgar seemed to be very happy with his life until Dağhan came to his house, I think he will not immediately return to his home and school as Dağhan wants. Dağhan’s sister Yağmur left the house. If I don’t misunderstand, it’s with a man. We don’t know much about this character, let’s see what his story will be like.

The action and fight scenes of the series are very successful. Uğur Yıldıran’s action direction has made its difference again. The scene where Daghan and Kurt fight in the ship’s casino was a tremendous pleasure to watch. The scene where Daghan fights the men who messed with his brother was also very good. Speaking of Kurt, this character played by Ugur Yildiran is also interesting.

Uğur Yıldıran’s involvement in all of Ay Yapım’s action works in recent years frankly does not catch my eye. Because each time he comes up with a different image and character. The most striking feature of this character so far is that he constantly eats pretzels. It’s obvious that we’re going to crave pretzels every Friday night. ^^

Samet was kind-hearted, but very naïve, yet he died too soon. His scenes with Daghan were very beautiful. There was also comedy in these scenes. Daghan now has no close friends left, he is now very lonely. Gürkan is also a policeman, so now he is on the other side, he cannot be friends with him after this hour. Either someone who will be friends with Dağhan should come to the series or they should make friends with Kurt, right?

I think Zafer, played by Erdal Yıldız, is one of the characters that should be in the series for a long time. The actor has a direct villain and fits well on the screen as a villain. At the moment, he has a very valid reason to take revenge on Daghan. Anyway, you don’t just need to take missions, execute people, you need enemies. I hope that the character of Zafer is not a guest, but a permanent character.

The thoughtful scenes in the episode were remarkable. Popping corn and eating popcorn always makes young children very happy. But Umut will no longer be happy when she sees popcorn, maybe she will never eat popcorn again. He will always think of the moment when they receive the news of his father’s death.

Just as Hope was excitedly waiting for the first corn to pop, there was a knock on the door and the sad news came. One by one, the corns burst, but Hope was crying when she should have rejoiced. Every time a new corn popped, his pain increased. When they returned from the funeral, it did not go unnoticed that the corn kernels were still on the ground. Before I forget, the performance of this child actor, whom I watched for the first time, is also quite good.

At Samet’s funeral, Umut called the coffin a box and wanted to take that box home and raise his father with his magic wand, which made me as sad as the popcorn scene. Children’s minds are at work, if only everything we watch in magic shows could happen in real life…

I think it is a conscious choice to have the name of the movie Time to Love on the opposite wall when Dağhan leaves Wind’s house after inflicting violence on three men. Because the same graffiti was shown more than once. I thought there was an emphasis on love instead of violence.

It is a great idea to include the song Gaddar by Erkin Koray, who passed away recently, in the series and to identify this song with Dağhan, whom the Director describes as gaddar. At the same time, it was a very nice act that the name of the ferry on which Dağhan boarded was chosen as Erkin Koray as a tribute to Erkin Baba.

With its first episode, Vicious is promising for the future. As the story expands with the participation of new characters, the viewing pleasure will increase even more. We have not yet seen important actors such as Erdal Özyağcılar, Neslihan Yeldan, Deniz Özerman in the series. I’m very curious about the characters they’re going to play. Good luck to everyone who contributed. How did you guys like the first episode?

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