Esaret Episode 79 with English subtitles

Esaret Episode 79 with English subtitles

Esaret Episode 79 with English subtitles Esaret (Captivity) 79th Episode released on Thursday, March 30th. Watch Esaret 79th episode trailer and here is the summary on March 30th. “Ali, Nihan’s Son, Has Arrived ….!”

The heads are pretty perplexed. For the time being, we’re putting Hira’s problems on hold. We found out that Orhun had a son, but it ended up being Ali Nihan’s son! Ali has now arrived at the estate. The 79th episode of Esaret has a trailer! What will happen in Esaret’s 79th episode?

New episodes of the slavery television show have been released. The 79th episode of Esaret will air on Thursday, March 30. What occurred in the final Esaret episode and what will occur in the upcoming 79th episode of Esaret?

Esaret Episode 79 English subtitles

What’s going to happen in Esaret on Thursday, March 30th? Esaret, one of the most popular and closely watched series on Kanal 7, just released its 79th episode. In the Esaret series, things are happening very quickly. It works out pretty well for this series. Because the plot does not continue in the same manner and a new event is introduced, the audience is not bored.Hira and Orhun would be split up, as Aunt Saadet had signaled. Hoping there was no difficulty in opening a new page. Ali joined the show. The young protagonist appears to be quite innocent and sweet. Ali is Nihan’s child. Why then is Nihan’s child in another’s care? Why is Orhun ignorant? Is Afife responsible for this? Is Afife really such a vile person?  He goes to the mansion with the youngster.

Afife gets a lovely surprise! This is one he won’t ever forget. Every time, a mother and son look into the same things differently. The real mystery is whether or not he knew Afife Ali. The closest pair will be Hira and Ali. Ali will identify most with Hira.

But Meryem’s father finally told it like it was. By appearing as though Meryem should pay attention to Wonder, he warned Meryem that he would lose Kenan to Wonder. hay walking in the water type. While Meryem cries for everything, she realizes her wonderful plans step by step to deceive Kenan. Here are 79th episode trailer and episode summary of Esaret ….

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