Esaret Episode 29 with English subtitles

Esaret Episode 29 with English subtitles

Esaret Episode 29 with English subtitles released on Thursday, December 29. Watch Esaret 29th episode trailer and here is the summary on December 29. “Race against time! He Fleeed From Orhun and Hira…”

The trailer for Esaret’s 29th episode has been released. What will happen in Esaret’s 29th episode? New episodes of the slavery television show have been released. The 30th episode of Esaret will premiere on Friday, December 29. What occurred in the final Esaret episode will also occur in the upcoming 29th episode? The 39th episode of Esaret’s description includes the trailer. What’s going to happen at Esaret on December 29th is as follows:

Time is of the essence. Watch the specifics of Esaret’s 29th episode, one of the most popular and closely watched shows on Kanal 7 screens. In the television show Esaret, the race against time starts. While Azade and Orhun’s chilly conflict rages on, a brutal race has just begun. Orhun prepares a romantic relationship to meet Hira.

Esaret Episode 29  English subtitles

In the Esaret series, Afife awoke! She discovered that the problem was bigger than Hira. She informed her men. Orhun is completely aware of all his mother will do and learn. Before his mother, Orhun is resolved to take action! Eda positioned Afife on her back. In her sweet dreams, Eda is still yearning for Orhun. Orhun should leave Hira and come to him, he hopes.

Get away from Orhun and Hira! To dispel the rumours about Hira, Orhun and Hira walk to the beach together and strike a loving stance. Hira is taken aback. Let’s wait and see how the actors are feeling.

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