Esaret Episode 25 with English subtitles

Esaret Episode 25 with English subtitles

Esaret Episode 25 with English subtitles released on Friday, December 23. Watch Esaret 25th episode trailer and here is the summary on December 23. “The Dance of Hira and Orhun!”

The 25th episode of Esaret gets a trailer! What will happen in Esaret’s 25th episode? New episodes of the slavery television show have been released. The 26th episode of Esaret will premiere on Friday, December 26. What transpired in the most recent Esaret episode will also transpire in the upcoming captivity episode? The 25th episode of Esaret’s summary includes the trailers.

Esaret is one of the most popular and closely watched series on Kanal 7 screens. Check out the specifics of the 25th episode. Hira keeps catching Mrs. Afife and her son by surprise. Hira will surprise them. At the invitation given in the mansion, Hira charms the visitors. Will Afife lose her temper with Hira? What will Orhun consider Hira to be? Here are the specifics.

Esaret Episode 25 English subtitles

Ice Queen Afife! Upon request, Orhun will dance with Hira. Orhun instructs Hira to stare into his eyes during this dance so that he can perform the proper movements. Afife, on the other hand, believes that this dance will fail miserably and be embarrassing for the guests. Perihan and Eda pay close attention to these events. The real night will now start for them!

Eda refers to Hira as a meerkat. Eda had no idea that she will sob when she leaves the estate at nightfall. Nur┼čah informs Hira and her brother of good news. She claims that tonight’s performance by the two of them left her mother speechless. Orhun is taken aback. He alternates between happy and depressed states. Orhun anticipates seeing his mother angry, but he is confused by Hira’s actions.

At the end of the evening, Afife explains to her son Orhun that she does not believe in this marriage again, but she does not reveal her true colour in front of the visitors. The growing hostility between a mother and her son is not given any more attention by Hira. Afife will correct him when he speaks at the incorrect moment. But this time, Orhun won’t let it happen.

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