Esaret Episode 186 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 186 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 186 with English Subtitles. Hello Bondage lovers. In captivity, Hira began to remember. At the same time, alarm bells began to ring. Nurşah finally realized his mistake! Let’s see what awaits us in the 185rd episode of Esaret. You can also express your opinions in the analysis of the next episode with your comments…

Esaret episode 186 trailer has been released! 

Esaret episode 186 trai9ler has been released! What will happen in Captivity episode 186 ? Esaret series continues with its new episodes. Eslavet will be on 186 screens on Wednesday, September . What happened in the last episode of Eslavet, what will happen in the new episode of Esaret? Details in the summary of the 181rd episode of Esaret 1 are in our news… Here is what will happen on Wednesday , September  in Esaret.. .You are now seeing data of the 17 episodes of Esaret, one of Channel 7’s most watched and well-liked TV shows.

Esaret Episode 186  English Subtitles

TV Show News What we anticipated is happening in Esaret. Hira’s memory is returning bit by bit. As we first stated, things will become more difficult if Hira recalls the previous terrible Orhun. Even though Hira falls in love with Orhun, when she chooses to rely on and trust him, she will start to see things clearly. We hope that Hira’s memories will fall into place one after the other like dominoes, filling up the gaps. They succeed in reverting to OrHir.

Giving Nefes to her vindictive grandfather was a bad idea for Nurşah. We were wounded to see Nefes in tears. However, the pressure from the neighbourhood and what Uncle Yakup tells her will cause Nurşah to come to her senses. Kenan receives an apology from Nurşah, who also pledges to help save Nefes. On this matter, Kenan is quite severe and won’t even let Nurşah to see her face. I apologise, Kenan, but you need to team up with Nurşah and take this case on!

To be honest, it doesn’t appear cosy. He attempts to completely contaminate Ali with his remarks. She is a loser who believes that by dividing Hira and Aliço, she may get married to Orhun. Aslı keeps on suffering and dreaming about nothing.Musa will also soon fall in love He and Gonca together will make a stunning duo. Both of them are grinning.

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