Ego Episode 1 with English Subtitles

Ego Episode 1 English Subtitles

Ego Episode 1 with English Subtitles. Erkeğe Güven Olmaz (Men Can’t Be Trust) 1st episode trailer has been released. The shooting location of the series has started in Antalya! Watch the 1st trailer here Shooting of the series “Erkeğe Güven Olmaz”, which will be broadcast on Fox screens, has started! It seems that it will make a sound with the synopsis of the series, which is the subject of curiosity with its remarkable staff.

The TV show Erkee Güven Olmaz’s first episode synopsis, star-studded cast, and location are all listed below. Erkee Güven Olmaz (EGO), a series from Pastel Film, will interact with viewers on FOX. The series for Pastel Film is produced by Efe and Yaşar rvül. The series is directed by Doa Can Anafarta, who is seated in the chair. Gülsev Karagöz, Orçun Oksar, Can Sinan, and zer Zafer etinel wrote the series’ script.

Ego Episode 1 English Subtitles

The lead actors of the TV series “Erkee Güven Olmaz,” Alperen Duymaz and Melisa Asl Pamuk, have revealed the roles they will play! Erhan’s character will be brought to life by Alperen Duymaz, and Sibel’s character will be brought to life by Melisa Asl Pamuk. Elif, Erhan’s fiancée, will be played by Ruya Helin Demirbulut in front of the audience. Ego Episode 2 with English Subtitles

Summary for Episode 1 of Erkee Güven Olmaz

Sibel is a woman whose career is her top priority in life. With Sibel’s proposal to Erhan, the lives of these two individuals—who collided on the same day and were polar opposites—will never be the same. The TV series Erkee Güven Olmaz co-stars Melisa Pamuk and Alperen Duymaz in the title roles. In January 2023, the first episode will air.

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