Duy Beni Episode 19 English Subtitles

Duy Beni Episode 19 English Subtitles

The new 19th episode trailer of Duy Beni (Hear to Me) has been released. In the end episode; Gaye’s unexpected return has upset Kanat, and she enters school to be close to him. What will happen in the episode on November 10th? 👇👇Click here👇👇


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The new episode trailer for “Duy Beni,” one of STAR TV’s most watched series, has been made public. With each successive instalment, the public is more and more impressed by Duy Beni, which was written by Makbule Kosif and directed by Ali Balc. The 19th episode of Hear Me raises the intriguing question of what will transpire there. The trailer and synopsis for Duy Beni‘s 19th episode are provided below.

Duy Beni Episode 20 English

Gaye’s debut into the school as a physical education instructor leaves everyone awestruck, as shown by Duy Beni in the end episode trailer. While Melisa and Ozan are overjoyed with the circumstances, Ekim and Kanat appear to be having issues. Kanat will be the target of Melisa’s usage of it.

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