Cop Adam Episode 3 with english Subtitles

Cop Adam Episode 3 with english Subtitles

The new Cop Adam Episode 3 with english Subtitles (The Stickman) has been released. In the end episode; Peri shows at the first opportunity that she will not give in to Tamer easily with the strength she gets from her anger. What happen in the episode on December 14th?

One of Star TV’s new season shows, öp Adam, debuted with its first episode. The second episode of the series, which starred Elçin Sangu and Engin Altan Düzyatan, had everyone glued to the television. What would happen in the third episode piqued interest after the second episode aired. Here is the third episode of Op Adam’s new trailer for those who are interested.


Çöp Adam Plot Story

Tamer, who struggled with life from an early age, preferred family issues to the struggle for survival. Tamer was able to safeguard his inner kid by making all of these trying circumstances into games. He was raised in the orphanage with his sister Meryem after his parents abandoned him there. Tamer recently got married and had a baby. When the computer game he created is a tremendous hit, a major American corporation joins Tamer’s business.

What happen in the end episode?

As Tamer digs deeper to understand Peri’s tale, he uncovers information that makes him even more dangerous. Peri is shocked by what she has gone through as she finds herself in Tamer’s secret world and feels as though her connection to life has been severed by the blow she suffered from her closest ally.

Tamer gathers his entire family to silence the voice of his conscience, but the ghosts of the past do not leave him alone. The wounds Meryem and Tamer believe to be healed continue to bleed whenever they encounter their parents. The chances that Tamer presents are appealing to Bülent and Aysel. Berrin is already worn out as he tries to control everyone and observes Tamer’s peculiar conduct uncomfortably.

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