Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi Episode 26 with English Subtitles

Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi Episode 26 with English Subtitles

Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi Episode 26 with English Subtitles The new 26th episode trailer of Bir Küçük Gün Işığı has been released! In the end episode; While Feraye thinks that she has caught the whole family, Fırat and Elif together pursue images that will distract Feraye and send her to prison. What happen in the episode on March 20th?

On ATV screens Friday night, the 25th episode of the well-liked TV show Bir Küçük Gün Iş was broadcast. This week, the audience was riveted to the screen by the popular production of NG Medya, starring Seray Kaya, Berk Oktay, Esra Dermancolu, and Tuçe Açkgöz. Are you curious as to what will transpire with Elif and Güneş in the upcoming Bir Küçük Günş episode?


The TV show Bir Küçük Gün Iş is directed by Emre Kabakuşak, who is seated in the chair. Zgür Evren Heptürk is the author of the series’ screenplay. The custody decision is something Elif is anxiously expecting in the 24th episode of Bir Küçük Günş. When Dila is granted custody, Elif and Güneş are even more concerned about everything.


Now, Güneş and Elif, whose custody was granted to Dila, will spend the final few days together. Feraye and Umran get increasingly tense. Umran is in grave jeopardy. Feraye asks Ümran to give her her shares. Ümran is in danger of being locked up, but she is unable to tell Frat what occurred. Güneş is unwilling to accompany Dila! Elif, however, despite her desperation, is trying to find a way to be with her daughter. Dila and Güneş, who assumed custody of Güneş, are anticipating trying times. Even worse, he does not enroll his daughter in kindergarten.

Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi Episode 26 English Subtitles

Elif makes every effort to catch a glimpse of the Sun. But eventually, he loses patience and decides to alter his expression. Elif is now prepared to criticize Dila! Cemil and Umran despise Elif. Elif is being backed up by Firat. Ümran is being besieged by both Feraya and Cemil; Elif will be the one to free him. Here are the trailer and episode synopsis for Bir Küçük Gün Iş’s 26th episode.

How did the last episode turn out?

Elif has viewed the video in which Feraye is accused of killing her mother.  Frat and Elif work together to acquire photographs that would divert Feraye and imprison her while she believes she has the entire family in her possession. But they manage to escape by tricking the security. Güneş succeeds in advancing beyond Dila and reaching Elif.


Feraye stands in their path as Elif prepares to take Güneş. He kidnaps them after realizing Elif has betrayed him and that he is working with Frat. Feraye is now seeking more. The shares of Frat will also be his. Elif and Güneş will suffer consequences if not.Now that Feraye is over, it’s over. He shoots Ümran a thousand times a day while he points his gun at the Euphrates.

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