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Bahar Episode 4 Summary and Photos ­čôŞ

As Bahar embarks on a new beginning, the whole family is shaken by the news of Umay’s hospitalization.

Cihan Ta┼čkeski, who comes to the hospital while there is a showdown within the Yavuzo─člu family, brings Evren and Timur face to face.

Cihan’s arrival is also a new test for Bahar. While Bahar tries to make amends with Umay, Timur has a big surprise waiting for him at home: Shine!

Bahar, who catches Timur’s deficit, will continue to struggle in her hospital adventure, which she has just started, while being tested with her suspicion.

In the new introduction of the highly anticipated 4th episode of #Bahar, the events that took place after Cihan Ta┼čkeskin, played by #M├╝fitKayacan, came to the hospital for treatment drew attention.

While Timur’s plans to send Bahar out of the hospital were in full swing, the revelation of Cihan Ta┼čkeskin’s condition, whose treatment was carried out in secrecy, gave Bahar a hard time. However, the determined stance and determination of Bahar, who had no intention of giving up, signaled that she would take firm steps forward as an assistant.

In the cast of the series “Bahar: Are You Ready to Wake Up?”, which was screened on Show TV and produced by MF Productions; There are successful names such as Demet Evgar, Bu─čra G├╝lsoy, Mehmet Y─▒lmaz Ak, Ecem ├ľzkaya, F├╝sun Demirel, Elit Anda├ž ├çam, Demirhan Demircio─člu, Nil Sude Albayrak, Sena Kal─▒p, Alisa Sezen Sever and Hatice Aslan.


Mehmet Y─▒lmaz Ak showed a very harsh image with the character of Prosecutor Pars in the TV series Judgment. Fans of the series loved the stance of the character of Pars as much as his performance. Mehmet Y─▒lmaz Ak also had a very effective career debut with the series Judgment.

The actress is currently starring in the new Show TV series Bahar. Mehmet Y─▒lmaz Ak, who plays the character named Timur, is on the screen with a very different character from his previous role. This time, the character of Timur, with his reflections of today’s male theme, which is highly criticized by women, has become one of the characters that the audience has paid attention to recently.

Timur is a person who constantly lies to those around him and is not with his wife in her most difficult time, let alone cheating, but always considers every way permissible to save the situation. However, this circumstance does not save him. As the viewers see the character of Timur, they notice his similarity with some of the people around them.

In a comment on social media, a female viewer said, “As a woman, the pleasure I get while watching the series is another pleasure. I hope that the stories of strong women on television will increase.”

Another female viewer criticizes the character of Timur with harsh words, while for many viewers, she refers to Timur by calling him a ‘scumbag’.

Of course, the fact that this character has become an element of hatred in the audience may also be a reference to similar situations in the lives of many female viewers. However, the most striking factor is that after a strong male character such as Prosecutor Pars, it should be said that Mehmet Y─▒lmaz Ak has given a very successful performance in portraying a man with opposite and weak characters such as Timur.


Show TV’s new series “Bahar : Are You Ready to Wake Up?” The first teaser from the eagerly awaited new episode of has been released. The new promotion of the series, which topped the ratings with its episode that hit the screens last Tuesday and impresses with its acting performances, was talked about a lot again.

In the promotion released from the series, which left its mark on the agenda, it was a matter of curiosity how the close friendship established by Umay and Parla would change the balances in the triangle of Bahar, Timur and Rengin.

Parla’s confrontation with what she knows about her mother’s secret relationship and her mother’s words, “There’s a family there, family!” He hinted to the audience that he will witness moments full of excitement and tension in the new episode.

While a bill that Bahar finds for a diamond bracelet leads to a confrontation with Timur; Will he find out about his relationship with Rengin?”

In the cast of the series, directed by Neslihan Ye┼čilyurt, written by Ay├ža ├ťz├╝m and signed by MF Production; There are successful names such as Demet Evgar, Bu─čra G├╝lsoy, Mehmet Y─▒lmaz Ak, Ecem ├ľzkaya, F├╝sun Demirel, Elit Anda├ž ├çam, Demirhan Demircio─člu, Nil Sude Albayrak, Alisa Sezen Sever, Hasan ┼×ahint├╝rk, Sena Mia Kal─▒p and Hatice Aslan.

“Bahar : Are You Ready to Wake Up?”, which will remind you that it is possible to start again despite everything, is on Show TV every Tuesday at 20.00!

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