Aile Episode 11 with English subtitles

Aile Episode 11 with English subtitles

Aile Episode 11 with English subtitles Serenay Sarkaya and Kvanç Tatltu’s television show Aile (The Family), which unites them, premiered its tenth episode Friday night. If you missed the most recent episode of the drama series Family, which Hakan Bonomo adapted from The Sopranos series and was presented to the audience with Ay Yapm’s signature, and would like to watch it again, click here.

In the climactic episode, Aile, Soykanlar is in grave danger due to Lyas’ abrupt appearance. In the meantime, Lyas takes measures to discover why his kid vanished without a trace. There is not much more time for the truth to be revealed. Aslan fights his hardest to avoid becoming his father in order to shield his family from Lyas’ fury. Hülya will approach this issue in her own way because she believes that the lawyer has a problem.

Devin’s father formally ordered Devin’s mother to leave. Neşe visits the property with her daughter after having her home taken away. On the other side, Devin will handle this situation in accordance with Soykan laws and hold his father accountable. The announcement of Leyla’s desire to get divorced comes as a huge shock to the entire family. Although Cihan believes he has nothing to lose at this point, Aysel’s pregnancy severely hurts him.

Aile Episode 11 English subtitles

Lyas is making steady progress towards his desired destination by pursuing the leads he has found on the loss of his son. The family is losing ground to Hülya’s dominance every day. She has a serious lesson for Devin in mind. Nobody can stop Aslan from finding out what Ati believes for Ceylan.

For the Soykans, Serhat’s passing marks the start of a major conflict. Suat, Serhat’s attorney, becomes aware of what transpired and makes a threat to tell Lyas everything. The two brothers pursue Suat as Aslan and Cihan continue to work together to find a solution to this issue. But when they do, they’ll get a surprise that will ruin their entire strategy.


In contrast, Hülya must once more work with Bo after learning that Serhat is deceased in order to safeguard the family. Aslan and Hülya will clash over divergent viewpoints on this matter. Despite everything, Hülya’s authority over the family continues to wane as she returns to the farm with Devin and Yamur for the safety of the Aslan family. The conflict between Hülya and Devin has grown considerably.

Devin wonders if he contributed to Serhat’s demise, and Lyas Koruzade confronts the reality. He becomes concerned when he realises that Lyas poses a serious threat to Aslan and Yamur. Devin’s efforts to find a release lead to permanent alterations in his spirit; for the first time, he begins to think like a Soykan and offers a suggestion that may interfere with Aslan’s plan.

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