Yali Capkini Episode 55 New leaks

It will be revealed that the child is not Ferit’s child to the viewers, but Ferit will take an acid test… and he will be lied to that the child is his, by someone we will not expect. Halis will know that the child is not Ferit’s child. He will remain silent. No one will be told. Suna will know about the matter.
Will you tell Seyran?

so ferit will fail at saving orhan with nivea
will doubt he is the father of pipi’s baby
& will find out that a new guy is hitting on seyro

someone check his glucose levels🥲

So it’s seyran’s fault who chose her pride, and left her husband who got his mistress pregnant and hid her in their house. It’s seyran’s fault for doing an interview her father kidnapped her to do it!

Suna kendine gelllllllllllll😒
you are losing your sister and for what..

– The second Trailer of episode 55🔥.
The honest Trailer is strong! I loved him, I was very excited about the events.
Let’s analyze the Trailer a little bit by little scene by 🔥 scene
The first scene in the commercial is a continuation of the lock and it is Orhan Going to
He knows that this happened with Kazim And then everyone will know

And they come to the hospital and the most important event is the fight of Seyran an and Suna
You see a clear agreement! They agreed in the first announcement and now they will build
They are fighting and so on but it is the opposite of this I liked their union
And very much and I hope their relationship stays like this ❤️ 🔥.

And then the scene of Orhan
And ifakat my head ifakat sure will try to help him very much
The roads but they can’t manage the amount of a million dollars in full
Mr. Ferit, may God take him, he will ask Neifra for 500 thousand even.

They complete the amount of Abu escape! And she will help him and stay equal
Therefore, he remained certainly tired, tired of the disgusting Ferit 🤢.

And then
The scene of Orhan’s escape will not take place for sure and the same will happen to me
We talked about it in the leak and Ferit will try to escape his father but
Seyran will reveal them while they are on the boat and as we saw in it
The first ad is unique through this situation he will adopt the crime

About his father and he enters the prison instead of him and after that the scene of Kazim and his daughters
Conquer clear oppression regret for what he did to them 🥹!.

And I feel for sure
He’s not going to die! It is not possible that they die the personality of Kazim at all
I feel that he will die I loved the advertisement very very much and I wish I wish

Honesty rises because they modified their events and it is clear that they will be adjusted 🫂
More and more I am excited for the episode after many❤️ 🔥 episodes


I don’t like to react to leaks
But there is a point of helping Nefra financially sure there must be in return
According to the leak, the return is a physical relationship between her and Ferit 💀

Of course if the leak is true I don’t think that the agreement or bargaining to be accurate can be achieved because if it happened it will be for me the end of the sefar officially and I will not say their return again and it will be the only development in Ferit personality And that he doesn’t accept physical contact except with Seyran even this also doesn’t exist

But from Parrish’s love for parallels this bargaining can happen and be parallel to Ferit bargaining for Seyran in the first episodes to help Suna
And of course as the topic went in the first episodes it will not happen now
But if the leak is true the idea of accepting Farid itself is disgusting and I hope it is just a leak.

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