Ruhun Duymaz Episode 2 With English Subtitles

Ruhun Duymaz Episode 2 With English Subtitles

Ruhun Duymaz Episode 2 With English Subtitles The new 2nd episode trailer of Ruhun Duymaz (Your Soul Don’t Hear On) has been released! In the end episode; Hilal’s friend (Ece), who came from London, begins to suspect Onur is up to something as soon as they meet. What happen in the episode on July 31st?

Has the Ruhun Duymaz second episode trailer been made available? When will Ruhun Duymaz’s second episode air? The principal parts in the Ruhun Duymaz series, which will begin airing on FOX TV, are split between Burcu Zberk and ükrü Zyldz. What is the plot summary for the Ruhun Duymaz series? What time does Ruhun Duymaz begin?


The second trailer was for the Burcu Zberk and Ükrü Zyldz-starring television series Ruhun Duymaz. So what is the Ruhun Duymaz series’ plot? What time does Ruhun Duymaz begin? The much-anticipated new trailer for Ruhun Duymaz has been released. On Monday, July 24, Fox TV will air the premiere of the series, which garners interest for both its actors and its theme.

Ruhun Duymaz Episode 2  English Subtitles

Burcu Zberk and Ükrü zyldz’s Ruhun Duymaz series has a new trailer for the second episode out now. On Monday, July 24 at 00:00, Fox TV will air Ruhun Duymaz. The TV show Ruhun Duymaz will have an agent theme. The largest jewelry owner in Turkey is the Koral family. Agent Onur will make an effort to obstruct Smuggler Civan Koral as he is doing so.

Ruhun Duymaz’s love-filled narrative will grab everyone’s attention. Ece (Burcu zberk) will appear as a sparkling professional thief with her thousand and one skills; Onur (ükrü zyldz) is an agent who just sees his work. Among the cast members of the Ruhun Duymaz series are Burcu Zberk, ükrü zyldz, Turul Tülek, Mert ner, Zuhal Gencer, ehsuvar Aktaş, Asl Sümen, Ülkü Duru, and Ilgaz Kaya.

How did the last episode turn out?

Successful agent Onur Karasu has been pursuing diamond smuggler Civan Koral for some months. He has a distant relationship with Civan’s brother Hilal because of his love for her during this operation. His plan is going according to plan. Until Ece, a woman he had never met, entered his life. Ece, Hilal’s London-based acquaintance, immediately has a hunch that Onur is up to something when they first meet. Ece detonates in Onur’s operation like a bomb, upending everything.

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