Kardeslerim with English subtitle

Kardeşlerim Episode 92 with English subtitles

Kardeşlerim Episode 92 with English subtitles

Kardeşlerim Episode 92 with English subtitles The new 92nd episode trailer of Kardeşlerim (The Sibling) has been released! In the end episode; While Şevval makes a sneaky plan to strike a blow to Ahmet and Suzan’s relationship, unexpected developments occur on the front of Ömer and Sarp. What happen in the episode on May 27th?

Every episode of the record-breaking ATV series Kardeşlerim intrigues the viewers. The series is directed by Serkanlk, while Gül Abus Semenci wrote the script. It has been viewed with curiosity from the first day it was broadcast. Melis Minkari, Su Burcu Yazg, and Onur Seyit Yaran are the stars. The latest 91st episode of the series, which debuted on television, was accompanied by the publication of the new episode trailer. Here is the trailer and synopsis for the Kardeşlerim series’ 92nd episode.

All the kids get together at the event planned to aid Bahar in the last episode of Kardeşlerim. While Aybike is forced to work with an unreliable partner, things in Berkle are disintegrating day by day. Even though everyone is working together to do good, Orhan is upset and outraged due to the slanders that have been directed at him.

 Kardeşlerim Episode 92 English subtitles

Süsen gets struck by a car when many activities are going on in the charity fashion show. Süsen’s hospitalisation brings Oulcan and Mer together. Engül discovers an unexpected fact about Akif. Mer engages Sarp in a fierce argument while striving to do his best for Süsen. Sarp doesn’t let Mer face this battle alone. Kardeşlerim’s 92nd episode trailer and summary are provided below.

How did the last episode turn out?

While Süsen’s unfortunate accident alters the course of everything, Ahmet, who cannot stand what Sarp has done, makes an extreme choice regarding his kid. Akif dons his boots to go on a brand-new journey at Yakut Club. Unexpected changes take place on the front of Mer and Sarp as evval hatches a cunning scheme to end Ahmet and Suzan’s romance. A startling situation arises for Eren’s relatives and pals as they take part in a surprise tournament to fulfil Orhan’s ambition.

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