Kan Cicekleri

Kan Çiçekleri Episode 90 with English Subtitles

Kan Çiçekleri Episode 90 with English Subtitles

Kan Çiçekleri Episode 90 with English Subtitles Merhaba Kan Çiçekleri severler. nde gelen tanıtım kafaları karıştırdı. Oldukça sakin bir tanıtım izlerken sonunda Dilan’ın yerde yattığını başından yaralandığını gördük! Dilan’a bunu yapan kim ve Dilan’a ne olacak? bölümde neler olacak? Sizlerde yorumlarınızla fikirlerinizi belirtebilirsiniz.

 bölüm fragmanı geldi. 29 Nisan Cumartesi günü yeni bölümüyle Kanal 7 ekranlarında yayınlanmaya devam edecek.  son bölümde Baran’ın Dilan’a karşı hislerinin değiştiğini vurgulamıştık. Adım adım Baran ve Dilan yakınlaşması yaşanıyor.. bölümde neler olacak? Kan Çiçekleri dizisi yeni bölümleriyle devam ediyor. . bölüm fragmanı geldi!  son bölümde neler oldu, yeni bölümde neler olacak?  90 bölüm özetindeki detaylar haberimizde…

The TV show Kan çekleri featured Baran’s triplets again, which we watched. Cold, unyielding, gruff, and combative… Dilan is attempting once more to contact Baran. Everyone in the home has been damaged, and Baran is aware of this.

She says in the promotion that Dilan recognizes her worth after losing a loved one. Dilan is then discovered on the ground. Hoh, we’re just gotta tell you what occurred to Dilan. Derya constantly engages in bad behavior while pursuing this girl, yet she never receives punishment. The girl was repeatedly struck in the head and neck. There was no outcome! Now it would be nonsense if Derya remains unpunished and Dilan continues in the flow of life. She will either suffer from memory loss or Derya will wind up in prison after such a blow.

Derya, on the other hand, could not stand the fillings of Fırat. He learnt that Azade and Dilan had improved at the house and that Dilan had taken over the mansion. We suspect something may have finally hit Dilan. Derya therefore believes that Baran will welcome him and pen his arms. Azade can stop speaking to Derya following this occurrence.

Kan Çiçekleri Episode 90 English Subtitles

Blood Flowers will be performed for the audience by Dilan, whose hopes and dreams were dashed, and Baran, who had to get married to free his brother from this cycle.

The blood feud, which has been going on for years, causes the families of Karabey and Demir to endure numerous losses. The Karabeys’ mansion gets the news they’ve been waiting for years later, as these two families are being hauled from Mardin to Istanbul. Seyit, their blood was discovered. But against the objections of his family elders, Baran decides to wed Seyit’s daughter Dilan in order to stop the violence. To ensure that no one else perishes, Dilan, on the other hand, abandons her dreams and consents to this union. But this marriage is like a prison for the two of them.

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